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Hard at work...
Hard at work...

I am writing this blog from a hotel room in somewhere called Stourport. Where am I!!?!

I am with one of my assistants called David Lee, a cracking bloke despite living in Chingford!

We have reached a deal where he does a set number of days for me for free as my assistant and I agree to DP his short film. I haven’t decided how many days yet!

Today we have been shooting a broadcast commercial for “Bag for life”, you know, those hessian bag thingies that people are supposed to use instead of plastic. Very worthy and quite fun. I was hired by a man called Tom Stanhope of Jovian Productions. Nice guy. He is very trusting which is great when someone you haven’t worked with respects you enough to get the job done.

Today we shot about 12 seconds of the 20 second spot. Basically 3 shots. 1 dolly, 1 jib and 1 polecam. We shot the dolly and jib using Letus Ultimate and EX3. Polecam was operated by someone else.
It’s all looking great and we have two more shots to do tomorrow.
It’s weird coming to towns like this. Living in London you get used to having everything on your doorstep and knowing where the cool places to go are…we got to the hotel, and as you do went straight to the bar. BUT oh my god! Everyone in the bar looked like they had been there about 100 years and had dust and cobwebs all over them! We shuffled through trying not to make eye contact and went to the restaurant and asked to see the menu. Suddenly six staff popped into view in the restaurant entrance muttering “look, young people!”. Now I don’t consider myself young anymore, especially when the lead actress of the ad was born 2 years after I started my career. But it was weird, all these staff looking at us like very oddly! So, we had to leave, there was something like the Shining about the place!
So we got in the car and drove into “town”, with the staff running after us shouting “COME BACK!”
We drove through the town looking for somewhere to eat…nothing, except a Subway and some dodgy looking pubs. No thanks! So it was iphone out for a quick google. Nearest decent restaurant and only curry house in area…20 minutes away. Unbelievable. You really do get spoilt living in a big city where I can get anything I want 24 hours a day all within a short stagger from my house. I wonder what would have happened to me had I grown up here? David said he would be in Prison by now…or in the Army…or both! Me? I think I would be working in Subway!
We found the restaurant. Spice Fusion…very nice it was too. They called it Indian and Thai Fusion…to be honest I think they need to look up the definition of fusion cuisine. It was more Co habitation cuisine! There was an Indian menu and there was a Thai menu. There was no Seek Kebab Satay or Chicken Tikka Green Curry…Still the grub was good!!
It’s such a weird old job I have. Every day is starkly different. Yesterday I worked for Channel Five where I made a parody of Liam Gallagher’s ridiculous video for his new clothing line .
We’ve made some pretty bloody daft stuff together over the past two years but this has to rank as the daftest! All done in 30 minutes too!!
That was yesterday, bag for life today, got to do some editing of my insane JVC 700 review now then more bag for life tomorrow…next week I havent’t a clue. Got man flu coming on so god knows what state I will be in tomorrow!
I had dinner with my friend Mark Dawson of London Mark Films, who I guess i have been helping/ mentoring for over a year now. I have agreed to be DP on his reshoot of “Behind the Night” (think it is called that),  he has helped me out for free so many times that I thought it would be a good thing to offer him my services on this film. I am sure I can help him realise his idea better. We will be shooting this soon I think…
It also looks like my Nightshift doco many be finally moving forward soon with maybe some more shooting in LA and Vegas in April/ May. Don’t forget will be at NAB in Vegas then in Austin afterwards so will be great to meet anyone if they are around. Always after a free Appletini..a real man’s drink!!
Have a great weekend and will update soon!!
Oh and by the way, as you leave the hotel car park there is a sign that says “Have a clear day”. Any ideas what that means?!


P.S. PLEASE  visit my Bloomfest 3 page as voting has now started and will continue until the 2nd April. Please show your support by watching all the short films, voting and leaving comments to encourage, congratulate, advise etc…Everyone has done great by entering. Already got the idea for Bloomfest 4. Just need to find sponsors…any offers

Here are some pictures from the weekend’s shoot for “Bag for life”

Thanks to everyone involved in the production. It was a pleasure working with Peter, Tom, Dave, Holly, Ella and Dan.










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