Today was great at the Broadcast Forum, meeting lots of people and having some good conversations. It’s interested me in going to NAB in Vegas in April.

Looking online I am looking at about £1000 for flights and hotel for a week. Now…I am asking for people’s opinions here, it’s a lot of cash, the flights are crap, not direct and cattle class but is it worth it. Would it be a good place to go and meet people? Good for job opportunities perhaps?

Any advice greatly received…and any recommendations for central, fun but affordable hotels if there is such a thing!

If anyone if coming to the Broadcast forum tomorrow (Thursday), come to my tapeless workflow seminar, but I will be at the Sony stand all day after that answering EX1 questions and also on Friday. So please, come say hi!



  1. Hi Phil

    I live in San Francisco. If you come to NAB, I would fly to Las Vegas solely for the opportunity to make your acquaintance. This is how much I respect your work.

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