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Quick question for you guys. I am on the Sony stand at this Broadcast forum thing and all my work will be playing on the screen there BUT on Thursday I have this debate panel that I am part of. I have been asked to show one of my shorts…now which one do I show. I am leaning towards the South Bank, any thoughts


  1. South Bank is great… the usage of over/under crank, the Letus Extreme on the EX – 1, all solid! I think My Autumn’s Done Come really shows off the Sony’s DOP (w/ Letus Ex) as well as it’s color range (not sure how much you boost color post pro, but it looked great). Your most recent film, Dungeness also shows the EX’s ability to take stunning B&W images which really will draw your eye to focus. Maybe, throw together a quick montage of South Bank/My August/Dungeness to show off all three capabilities (over/under crank, DOF and color and B&W). I feel like this camera does it all. I’m over here stateside, otherwise I’d be there, still never seen the EX1 in person, going to a demo tomorrow, but you’re blog has me effectively sold on its capabilities… Probably going to buy this bad boy tomorrow! Cheers and stay creative!

  2. My .02 cents (pence) would be Piccadilly Furs.

    I have it and Kew Gardens (the 720p version) sitting on my desktop and watch regularly for inspiration and a quick humbling.

    Piccadilly Furs. Then Kew Gardens in Winter as second choice.

  3. That’s a tough one, Phil. Show ’em all! But, if you must know which I’ve played the most, it’d be “Furs,” with “Done Come” second and “South Bank” third.

    The bottom line is this- no matter which of them you choose in the end, it’ll do just fine.

    Good luck!

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