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YES, it’s another “social networking” tool but quite a useful one. Twitter is great (follow me @philipbloom) but is more for conversations. Facebook is well, Facebook and for me is going through a bit of an identity crisis right now…Tumblr is more of a twitter/ blog highbred.

It gives me the ability to write more detailed info about how tests with new gear are going, how shoots are going etc..more immediate than my blog but less detailed (of course way more detailed than twitter!).

tumblr_logoAll my tumblr updates will be posted on twitter with a link to continue reading on tumblr and of course I will continue to tweet as often as I do.

But check out tumblr, it’s pretty cool and there are clients for the iphone and blackberry making it really easy to do on the go, which I always am!

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Want to learn how to create the film look? Click below.


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  1. Have you tried ? It’s similar but automatically pings all your other networks when you post something new. An you can update just by sending an E-mail i.e. with a video attached to the service.

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