Miller DS20 Tripod Review

I have been banging on about how good this tripod is very ages. I have had it every since I bought an EX1 back in October 2007.

Here is a review I made for

Professional & Broadcast equipment product videos from Creative Video

Shot and edited by Dennis Lennie. Presented by moi.


  1. I notice you’ve got the same wrap-around neoprene thingies as I’ve got – albeit I’ve only lost one leg’s worth of foam, I’m guessing you’ve lost all three?

    Which do you prefer?

    On another point, have you ever suffered ‘leg-off’ and ‘stiff leg’ – when extending a leg section, the whole thing comes out; or, if it doesn’t quite do that, it won’t go back in again without some zen-like time to tweak and twist it so it slots back in again?

    My legs have seen quite a lot of action, and have flown in a barely padded bag rather than in a suitcase. Maybe that’s the problem. What size suitcase to you use?! I tend to travel with a couple of the cheapest nastiest golf bats in my old Vinten Pro5 tripod bag, so it becomes ‘sports equipment’. But then my Sachtler DV8 head needs yet another repair to its vertical lock.

    Maybe a dayglo green and pink ‘Tesco special’ suitcase is the way to go. Sorry Peli, sorry Storm, sorry Kata.

    But the ‘bagpipe aerobics’ trick of these legs cannot be sneezed at – you can even get some great dutch angles with it too.

  2. Can I use the Miller DS-20 tripod with EX1/BP-U60 battery alone and nothing else? Will it be too light for the tripod system? Is the DS-10 more appropriate for the EX1 if no rods/35mm adapters are used? Would rather use the DS-20 if it works with the camera alone. Thanks for any guidance.

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