SALE EXTENDED until 31st of July!! 50% off my mine and Drew Gardner’s DSLR training products

Summer sale for just the next ten days!! It expires on the 31st of July so hurry now!!

Just click on the banner below and enter code: summer50 into code section (case sensitive) and get 50% off.


      1. Oh, already bought the 7D training video…I even forgot to use the original discount code. Well worth it even without a discount though! I recommend it highly!

  1. Thanks for the tip, Philip!
    45 Dollars for the 7D version is a really great price, I had to use this opportunity because after buying my camera, lens and tripod, my wallet isn’t as fat as it used to be xD. Bought the downloadable version, it’s running now!
    I too am using a 550D but i’m sure that’s not going to be a problem.

    Greetings from Holland,


  2. Hey Phil,

    Been obsessed with your site the past month and it has really got me thinking creativly again. I think what you are doing here is so great and it has really opened my mind to some amazing possibilities. I decided to go with this download as I am preparing to buy a 550D at the end of the month and want to be able to get my hands dirty with all the controls. DSLR is new to me, and this is extremly exciting stuff. Thanks once again Philip! Your site is firmly bookmarked!


      1. Sorry, I forgot to mention, this only happens within Google Reader ( ). For whatever reason, the links embedded in your RSS feed don’t work, but when you visit the actual post page, they work fine.

        It’d be awesome if you could fix this!

  3. Hey Phillip,

    Vaguely remember from a previous post that you recommended your 7d video over your 5d video. Even though I’m buying the 5d mkII camera would you recommend me buying the 7d video or would I be better off getting the 5d video?

  4. Thanks Philip, your offer times perfectly with my new 7D purchase. About to sit and watch the video now, seems like it will be a great introduction.

    Will let you know my thoughts in about 1hr 15min!

  5. Hi SBG

    Please email us and we’ll have our tech support team figure this out for you.

    The download files are hosted on fast Amazon S3 servers and so you should not get a server times out issue. Usually this issue is related to local isp’s. Drop us a line and we’ll identify why you are experiencing difficulty.


  6. Hi Philip,

    I just bought the 5D and the Stills in Motion DVD’s. Thank you very much for the very generous discount !

    And congrats with the (unfortunately) last episode of the shoot-out. Very funny shot of the three of you on the back-seat of the taxi. The lens was just not wide enough for your posture i guess 😉

    The whole series were ground breaking, interesting and fun to watch. What i liked most was that you (and i) were all caught by the same fever while presented with new ideas and tools to explore our own creative universe.


  7. Hi Philip,

    Thank you for your time, help, and inspiration. Your a real asset to this community and movement. I appreciate the discount, as this is becoming a fast and expensive hobby!


    7D Digital d/l

  8. Philip thanks for this. I took advantage of the memorial day sale before the extra extensions. Hope you all make a ton of money. Good work and thanks for what you do for the film/video community.

  9. Great value. Just purchased the 5DmarkII video. Downloading now.
    Apparently there is an update to the video to address the newer firmware release. I can’t seem to find it on the shop or website here. Can someone please link me? Thanks.

  10. Hi there Phillip,

    thanks alot for all the time spend making this. Purchased the 7D training last night, and just finished watching it. Some very useful and good information in the training!

    A question if I may please, with what mic did you capture your voice, if a lav, how did you hide it, and how did you manage to get the background noise so low?

    thanks very much,

  11. For me, this is an essential resource for breaking into the DSLR revolution with the Canon 7D. The only thing missing from the video was a list of clever responses for clients who demand to know where the giant video camera went.

    “No, no, no, we want a TV COMMERCIAL not pictures.”

    Today, I came up with “No worries; I’ll just snap off 24 pictures a second and animate them in post…might cost a little extra.”

  12. First video I did after buying your tutorial. Still need some stabilization as you can see from the handheld footage. The Z-finder is not quite enough on its own 🙂 And I really need a fader ND filter…

    For a newbie like me you tutorial gave me a ton of information.

    Keep up the good work.

    Shot on the 7d.

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