UPDATED with my film and others! Weekend Challenge! Shoot a short 90 second film on one object


A bit of fun for people. I am shooting a clock and making a 90 second film out of it. I challenge you to do the same. Make a 90 second film of an object. Post the link on here and I will publish it! A nice challenge to do something special with something simple…good practice! Do as many shots as you want, make it as abstract as you want!

This is my film of one object, the clock in my hotel room in Boston. Below is a very small selection of other people’s entrants. Do check out the rest in the vim group or the comments below,

Clock from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Short film of one object….a clock.

Shot on the 1DmkIV using various lenses including 100mm Macro, 17mm Tilt Shift and a Lensbaby composer.

Timelapse done of 7D and 1DmkIV

Music is by NiN from the Ghosts album track 1-2

Shot as part of my weekend challenge to shoot a short film based around one object.


I will do more of these. I love doing fast deadline quick challenges with no prep!

The Music Box from Andrew Winchell on Vimeo.

A 90 second short film made for Philip Bloom’s weekend challenge. I went through a number of ideas of what object to feature before settling on an old music box that my grandparents had.

SHOT with the Canon 5D mkII, 24-70 lens
EDITED with Final Cut Studio

Red & White from Jan Mocnak on Vimeo.

Red & White was especially filmed for Philip Bloom 90 sec. weekend challenge.

My Betta Buddy from Cloudy Logic on Vimeo.

Got a betta a week or so ago, both as a pet and as a subject to film. Philip Bloom posted a challenge for the weekend (http://philipbloom.net2010/07/17/weekend-challenge-shoot-a-short-90-second-film-on-one-object/) and the betta was an easy target. This was all shot, scored and edited today! After looking at the footage though, it looks like my tank already needs a good cleaning.

Shot on a Canon EOS T2i at 60fps with a 18-55mm (f/3.5-5.6), 70-300mm (f/4-5.6) macro and a 16mm (f/2.8) fisheye.


Bloom Challenge: 90 Second Object from Andrew Gupta on Vimeo.

Director of Photography and tech guru Phillip Bloom posed a “weekend challenge” to produce a “90 second film of an object.”

After I read that blog post I found myself staring at an empty box of kitty litter as I thought about his “challenge.”

“But, that’s not fair,” I said to myself as I stared at the empty litter container. “Bloom’s object does something, it’s a clock. That’s just an empty plastic box!”

Filmed the evening of July 17th and produced the morning of July 18th.


Bloom’s Challenge here:


‘Blue’ – Philip Bloom’s 90sec Challenge from TJ Jeffrey on Vimeo.

‘Blue’ created for Philip Bloom’s 90 second film, weekend challenge. The task was to pick an object, film & edit a 90 second short over the weekend.

I decided to go really abstract with my fav IKEA blue LED light sculpture lamp thingy (it’s basically IKEA tack but it’s my fav colour & beautiful!).

This is all raw footage, no grading what so ever, just simply cut together to music. Wish I’d had my tripod but took it into work a couple of days ago to shoot a timelapse and some BA$TARD stole it. 🙁

Notes: I waited until dark and made sure I placed it on a reflective surface deciding on the window sill so I could get some nice bokeh of the lights of the city behind and maximise the quality of light.

Camera: Canon T2i/550D
Lens: 50mm 1.8
Music: Helios – Bless this Morning Year

Of my affection from For the Record Productions on Vimeo.

Short film submission for Philip Bloom’s weekend challenge – create a 90 second short film about a single object.

This was also the first film I shot with my Canon 7D.

90 Second Challenge. The Car. from Matt Stapleton on Vimeo.

Shot and edited this in only a few hours today. I had to get permission to shoot in this EPIC old junkyard near my home. The place has been around since the 1930’s and it is full of cars from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. There are literally hundreds of cars just like this one there. The forest has reclaimed a lot of the land and the place is surreal.

I wasn’t sure how much time I was going to have to edit this so I intentionally shot this with a warm white balance using my T2i. I wanted it to have a warm look to it so in case I didn’t have time to color it I shot it warm. This is straight from the camera.

For lenses I used a 50mm1.8 with Fader ND and the Tokina 11-16 f2.8 (in love with this lens..lol)

I left a great number of awesome looking shots out in order to squeeze 90 seconds. Going to edit up a longer piece and return to this place to interview the old lady who owns this place.


  1. Hey Philip,

    Shot, scored and edited this today. I got this betta a week or so ago and I’ve been meaning to film it. Your 90 second weekend challenge was just the motivation I needed!

    Shot on a Canon EOS T2i at 60fps with a 18-55mm (f/3.5-5.6), 70-300mm (f/4-5.6) macro and a 16mm(f/2.8) fisheye.

    If anything it shows I really need to clean the tank already! Enjoy and thanks for presenting the challenge!


  2. I had that clock for less than a month before it broke. The funny thing is it’s still on my wall because it looks the bidness!

    I hope you have better luck.

  3. Hello Phil 😀

    Here is mine ! –>

    I did everything today (shooting, editing, grading, visual & sound fx..).

    Since it’s not moving and it’s not a person I guess my ‘object’ is acceptable for your challenge 😉
    90” are very long when it comes to this kind of work :O

    I’m a ‘shooting addict’ so thank you for this great idea and challenge.

  4. My entry for the 90 second challenge:


    Took me a while to figure out what to film, then realised it was right under my bloody nose! I forgot how much I love this wee lamp. Shot on a T2i/550D entirely with a 50mm 1.8. Footage is raw with no grading, just cut as was with the music (and some speed changes & digital zooms). I waited until full dark to get a nice quality of light, used the window sill as it’s nicely matte reflective and showed contrast with the orange streetlights behind. Bit wobbly as I took my tripod into work to do a timelapse and some ba$tard stole it!!

    Hope you like it Mr Bloom. 🙂

  5. I like this idea Philip…

    I made this a while back. The idea was to take a common ordinary object and make it interesting…

    I used my daughter’s dollar store toy called a whirligig. Even though I made this a while back I shot and edited it in under a weekend. Here’s the link:


    I have an idea for another video. Could you extend the deadline a bit. How about till Wednesday or Thursday??

  6. Hey Philip,

    this is my entry for the challenge:


    I asked myself which object I should choose and then decided for one of my e-guitars since I love playing that instrument type and can’t live without it anymore 😉 .

    The film was shot with a Panasonic LUMIX GH1 (standard lens, LUMIX G 20 mm / F1.7).

    Original music composed by me.

    I hope you like it. 😉


  7. http://vimeo.com/13469921

    A 90-second film about a beautiful old music box. Thank you Philip for challenging us to make good use of our weekend (and Monday!) and actually go out and shoot something. I certainly wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t provided the opportunity. Hopefully this will become a regular feature on your blog!

    Andrew Winchell

  8. My last minute decision to enter the challenge was based on the fact…
    I had NO FREAKING IDEA what to shoot, and as I was driving around searching for
    “The elusive object”, I found this to shoot.
    It was lucky I found anything interesting as I only had a few minutes to shoot something, I’m not that happy with it because this is the first time I have used the Fader ND MKII ULTRA on my 70-200 F4L lens, and the Bokeh looks strange, oh well I hope it is worth 90 seconds of your time 🙂

    Here is my submission titled “HARD MIX”
    Shot Entirely on a Mono Pod, missed the concrete mixing, but got some water turning 😛



    Thanks for the challenge Philip, and Thanks to Mobygratis for the music.

  9. I might be too late as I’ve just seen this – but even if I am, I’m still gonna give it a go! It’ll be my first short video.

    (You did say tuesday – so it probably depends on whether I can get it done before tonight!)

  10. I hope I made it. Had trouble posting last night. 90 second video submission on Philip Blooms blog. Shot this with the Nikon D90. This camera’s video mode is disgusting but it’s still fun to shoot with some decent glass. Nikkor 18-55mm & Vivitar 70-210mm with macro.


  11. Just a thought for this or possible future challenges…instead of prizes – how about you picking a few videos and giving us your feedback/critique? I know everyone loves prizes, but your feedback is very valuable 🙂

    1. Agreed !
      We already had the price which is the pleasure to make a film with passion and share it together.
      What could be better except to work on a team project alltogether and to be picked by Jerry Bruckheimer ? 😉

      Some feedback from you, our inspiring source, our ‘sensei’, would be priceless, and would make all this energy, effort and work, worthy ; in my humble opinion…

      1. Great idea Philip. I didn’t get time to shoot mine but my mind is finally racing with ideas, which I’ve been waiting for for a long time. I’ve got a cool short planned out that I can now do as I envisioned in my head since it doesn’t have to exactly meet your criteria. This turned out to be just the post I needed to finally give me something to shoot besides the boring day-to-day stuff I get as a full-timer and as a freelancer. I hope you plan on giving us a challenge like this EVERY week to spark that thing in my brain!

        1. I counted 65 entries in this comments section, many of them are great, and some absolutely awesome -given the constraints- so this is definitely a success


          EVERY week sounds a bit too much, I think appearing at random and not too often would help this challenge thing

  12. I think entering already done films is sort of off base, puts you at a significant advantage since no one knows how long you had to prepare and film it. Most of us scrambled to do this and did not have time re-shoot and such. For me it was the first time I tried pulling focus while filming and got some shaky footage, did not have time to practice and do over.

    1. i can’t embed youtube at moment as only got internet access on my ipad and it keeps defaulting to youtube app so cannot get the code…stick it on vimeo in the group anyway!

  13. here’s my entry, just in time (could have got a better edit and some effects if posted tomorrow, but what’s the fun without such hurries?)


    I would want to run for best script, best thing you always wanted to do, best aliasing (t1i/500D here) and worst voice acting, thankyouverymuch

    oh, and thank you Philip, this little push made me:
    * pierce and mount my igus slider, then use it for the very first time
    * use my H4n for the very first time
    * use one of my new lights for the very first time
    so great success on my (ex)book

    Samuel Hurtado

  14. Just the little push I needed. Here is my first movie using the Canon T2i filming a weird velvet and wood chair that has a strange gothic look. My girlfriend came back home with it last saturday, and I thought, what a peculiar thing…

    Anyway, here is my entry:

    I like the spontaneity of the challenge…


    Matt Dupont

  15. This is really great. I found out on Tuesday itself and didn’t get any thing to shoot at that short notice. I wanted to shoot one of the small objects I had but later found that I needed macro lens for close ups. 🙁 Anyway, hopefully, I will catch up on another one on time and participate.

    This is really fun and hopefully I can get started with my filming career with these quick challenges. 😀

  16. I think your vid is great! Tell me is it the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens that you used? I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while.

    Also, out of the other vids you posted, everyone did a great job, I think ‘The Car’ captured the moment for me. Not just awesome video but the sound had a lot of thought.

  17. Hungry for a new challenge, can you make it a monthly challenge? It will be great when people start to discus the movies, that;s the way to get improved. Donno the right English translation for it but in the Netherlands we’re talking about ‘building criticism’. What makes a film a good film or even more important what facts can be improved? The good thing it’s a challenge and not a competition. All contributers: thanks for the content it’s fun to see all the short movies. I like the different roads people walked on. Some pure abstract and other telling stories.

  18. I agree it was a great way to improve. That was the whole point for me.

    I can’t wait to see who won. I don’t have vimeo access at work so I can’t recall the film’s name but the one with the guitar is so incredible that I would be surprised if it did not win, not that there were not other awesome ones too.

  19. realy like this challange thing, as also other people on this blog.

    What about this challange, let us people come up with a challange post it here, and you select the most challenging one(s) for us to work on.

  20. Oops – I posted my video on Sunday but looks something went wrong, can’t see it here.

    I know its late for the challenge but had a bit of a nightmare trying to get anything at all together (batteries running out, charger blown, lens playing up.. etc!) so thought my as well post anyway.

    Any idea if there will be more challenges?


  21. Hey Philip great idea to do this!! Please do it again. I’ve seemed to hit a brick wall as far as Video and creativity go, but this fabulous work has stimulated the old brain. I’m a still shooter and now realize this DSLR Video thing is here to stay. Your leadership is to be commended.

  22. Phillip,
    I’m getting my new DLSR tomorrow and your challenge looks like a good opportunity to break it in. I’ve had a question I have wanted to ask for some time.
    How do you get clearance to use the music you do? Isn’t there some copyright issue to use some of the songs beds you edit with? I ask just because I’ve always feared getting myself in trouble and loosing my shop over it. Is there a loophole I’m missing?

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