Lumix GH1 with Nikon Primes and low light

I have just arrived in Kauai. Exhausted but my Nikon adaptor was waiting for me that I ordered off of ebay from china so I HAD to knock off a few shots, as you do.


The Lumix stock lens is great. Takes away a lot of wobble. Has awesome auto focus features and reduces the cmos skew. But it is slow at f4 on the wide end. So I wanted to see how this camera performed with fast lenses in low light. 

img_5320img_5326The camera performed well…it’s not bad in low light. Nowhere near as good as the Canon 5dmk2 but better than just about any video camera that I have used. I wasn’t able to get any high ASA without some lines in the image. Hope this is fixable…

Because the camera has a smaller sensor, sticking the Nikon on more or less doubled the focal length so my 50mm zeiss f1.4 became more like a 100mm…

I wish the codec was much higher than the 17mbps…it makes grading almost impossible and there are some aliasing issues that I haven’t worked out…but don’t forget, this is not a pro camera. This is a consumer camera with some incredible features…it’s not a Canon 5dmk2 killer but it has features that every Canon 5dmk2 users are salivating for. 24p (25p in UK), full manual controls whilst shooting (no need for exposure lock) and amazing ,whilst shooting, autofocus features.

I have done a few literally random shots of stuff and stuck them together. I won’t be putting any more footage on line using this camera for a while as I need to get some sleep and shoot with my Letus Ultimate and EX3, the reason I am here! But there will be some beauty stuff to come I promise!  


[vimeo 4432196 640 360]

[xr_video id=”34f22bbbaf174dc8bb421c1b1533c87b” size=”lrm”]



  1. Thanks for testing the cam and for posting this. The color doesn’t seem to be as good coming right out of the camera as the Canon in low light. Especially a problem if you are having a hard time color grading it.

  2. The images look good, but I’m really waiting for a 24/25p Canon MarkII although a new nikon would be even better.
    Btw nice use of twin peaks music

  3. Thanks for the Info on the Lumix.
    So, I’m assuming there isn’t as much issue with the rolling shutter effect? I haven’t researched this yet. Just Curious, since you have actually had it in your hands. (No need to answer now, you need your rest)

    Have fun, looking forward to some Island Beauty.

  4. How does it handle white balance for video? It would be nice if you could tell it shoot with increased saturation or contrast (can you?) so as to avoid more extensive grading after the fact.

    Even so, it seems like a dream come true for film students if it is affordable enough.

  5. These lines… Do they occur with the kit lens as well? Maybe it is Panasonic’s way to discourage people from using non-original lenses, just like Pana discourages people from using non-original batteries?

  6. Thanks for your exploratory work with this camera. Do you think this Panasonic holds its own at its price point? Do the image advantages outweigh the bitrate, encoding drawbacks? I just started working with film and editing and I think I’ve pushed my Canon Vixia HV30 as far as it can go. Don’t’ laugh, you professionals you.

  7. You say grading is a problem; what codec are you using? What programme do you use for grading/editing?
    Just how bad is the jello effect on this camera?
    Thank you, Philip, i enjoy your films and blogs…

    jp (been makin’ films since ’69)

    1. hi jp. I am grading with prores. It’s fine im 720 just a stuggle in 1080. Kauai Sunset is graded and was shot 720p. Joshua tree was 1080p and ungraded. Jello is present for sure, not quite as bad as 5d but still not good.

  8. Will you buy a red GH-1 when you get your own, or will you get black?

    Just wondering how intrusive the colour was, as it seems they got the look in red pretty spot-on. Would never think ‘I know I’ll get a red camera’, but there you go…

  9. Do you think Panasonic will have a firmware upgrade for this camera that will allow for True 24F? I like the adaptability of the GH1 but This 24 wrapped in 60i so people can see it on there TVs is annoying. This camera is tempting and I don’t know if I can wait for scarlet.

    Appreciate all your work.

  10. Hello Philip..

    I’m following your clips and tests.. I have vimeo directly to my bedroom’s flat tv and see your work at full screen it’s great.. I enjoyied a lot yesterday with your SF clip.

    I also have a GH1.. despite of the pan problems and coding problems when moving fast I’m so happy with the camera.. the money/quality/features is awesome!

    I’m thinking to buy an adapter to use my Nikon Lenses on the GH1 but im hesitaning between the Novoflex (146EUR+Shipping) and the no brand form ebay Shop i-source-global_store which for the photos looks like the one you have.. only 46 EUR (shipping included from Hong Kong!!) sound to cheap for me!

    I tried to follow up your link on the post.. but it’s no longer valid.

    Thanks in advance!

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