My first ever UK DSLR workshop! London 30th July

Hard to believe with all my globetrotting workshops in the US and Oz that I have never done one in the UK before. I did one in Ireland 2 years ago but never the UK. So finally I am really happy to announce I am going to be doing the DSLR workshop that I took around the US in March and April in London on the 30th July.

I would call it intermediate. I will assume you already know the begginer basics of the cameras.

This is a one day class for a larger group to keep ticket prices down. But not so big that you are unable to ask what you want. This is essentially an updated version of the Canon Filmmakers workshop that went down so well.

I won’t go over the mega basics as that will be a waste of time. If you want those please watch my Vimeo lessons.

These are some of the things we will cover in the London interactive workshop. You don’t need to bring any gear with you as there will be no actual shoot taking place.

Selecting the camera for you.

Pros and Cons of the camera and how to work around them

The importance of sound. Techniques of sound recording. Tips and tricks. Dual system sound.

Lighting with DSLRs

large chip camcorders

Very in depth timelapse lessons including motion controlled and HDR

Post workflow. Conversion. Grading.


The rest of the day is guided by YOU! You ask what you want and we cover it. It’s a nice freeform style that encourages participants to get involved and ask. This is not a dry keynote workshop!

It’s only £95. Hopefully I will see lots of you there. If this goes well I hope to go to the rest of the UK later in the year!

You can book tickets for London by clicking here! I can’t wait!!



  1. Very keen…Not so keen on bringing my 7D with me all the way to london, so may just bring the GH1…is it going to be a ‘broad church’ in terms of equipment used, or heavily Canon/Nikon weighted? Cheers

  2. Hi Philip,

    Forgive me but the details are a little unlear – you refer to choosing the right camera etc so will kit be provided for the workshop or are we expected to bring our own? Nowhere does it say what to bring or what is provided – I sold my DSLR over a year ago but I’m keen to buy a 7D and do more in the video realm. I’m not planning on buying one yet though so need to know if the workshop is for me?…

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