Latest episode of Zacuto’s “Filmfellas” DP edition

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Yes, it’s episode 4 and it’s a corker I believe (i find it VERY hard to watch myself on screen)…so enjoy. Please comment on the Zacuto site too! Check out this page so you can get a free Zacuto baseball cap by leaving a comment.


      1. You were beginning to talk about your first use of the 5d and how other shooters were leaving the lens loose on the body so the auto iris wouldn’t kick in, and then you mention “of course…”

        It just seemed like you were going somewhere good at that moment, as if to bring the evolution of the camera to current day and maybe touch on functionality or lack thereof?

        You should have casually tossed the broken wine glass over your shoulder right after and said Steve will clean it up ; )

  1. Very interesting, too bad the glass broke, I would of loved to hear you elaborate on how DSLRs can be annoying for video sometimes, to see how I could work around these limitations.

  2. I like at around 2 minutes when Mr Bloom goes to take a swig of his wine only to find he’s already drunk it all! You should have nicked one of the other glasses, they are hardly touched.

    True Brit haha

  3. What a wonderful gift to us all! If you haven’t learned anything from this, you can’t be taught. Fascinating fourteen minutes. The best of times is now.

  4. Interesting chat, would have liked to hear more about what new things people are doing rather than about the gear.

    I liked the way the “elder man” a firm film advocate(sorry forgot his name) changed his tune towards the end. Embrace change at all levels, if the kitchen is too hot then leave.

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