Last US meet up! Palm Springs on Monday night!

Been a long trip this one and had a fair few meet ups. I have been in New York, Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, St Petersburg, Key West, Ft. lauderdale, Phillly, New York again, Boston, Lewiston Idaho, Twin Falls, Monument Valley an finally Palm Springs before I fly out of LA. I am finally going home soon so am having one last meet up where I am right now in Palm Springs California. It will be at 730pm at the Village pub
I hope some of you can make it so I can say goodbye. If you hang around until ten pm my great friends’s Jon Connor and Cristina Valdivieso are flying in to say bye! Very kind of them. Thanks America and see you soon! Don’t forget the first ever UK London meet up on the 14th August!


  1. Enjoyed your Monument Valley film, and commentary as well as some of your other work that I’ve seen so far.

    My wife and I are driving out to Palm Springs from Echo Park in Los Angeles for your ‘Meet Up’ tonight. I look forward to meeting you.

    I want to say, thank you for sharing! Best to you! See you!

  2. This is great! I was just turned on to your work this weekend as I search for DSLR filmmaking information. The nikon vs canon then what camera? I love your work! You have an awesome gift! I’d love to meet up-i’m in San Diego and Im off work at 7pm. Lets see what happens!

  3. Phil you need to come to Chicago for a meet up before you leave the states! I’d really really like to see you as im sure a lot of other would! Chicago or Michigan and I’m there!!!


  4. Hey Philip, sorry for not making it to PS, I had a deadline for an editing job that was bumped up 2 whole days, So I couldn’t make it :P, sorry and I hope you had a great flight home.


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