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Rick Young interviewed me for Macvideo,tv where I talked about what I saw at NAB and what I am looking forward to…

Also check out FreshDV for another interview with me about the B4 relays


  1. Phil, happy anniversary! It was about a year ago now that I saw a macvideo interview from NAB out by the Las Vegas sign. That was when I decided to check into this fella named bloom.

  2. Hi Phillip,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all of the great content and pretty images! It actually inspired my director and I to start our own blog. We love your work and will keep reading.

    All the best,

  3. Very nice Phil, thanks for all the work you did while away, I’ve enjoyed your videos immensely.

    Just to add to all the rampant speculation and guess work about what Apple are up to with FCP – I wonder if they are having to keep it under wraps until Snow Leopard is unveiled at the WWDC in June. Apple seems to love their new core video and core audio features in Leopard and it looks like quicktime is getting a complete overhaul in Snow Leopard with quicktime x. It stands to reason that FCP will take advantage of new capabilities of the platform and be tightly integrated with quicktime x. It might explain the odd timing since all rumours point to a WWDC unveiling of FCP studio 3 which is a strange venue for this sort of release. All guess work and speculation, but fun none the less.

    Thanks again.

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