In London on the 8th October. Come say hi at The Flash Centre and sneak peak at new 7d DVD

I will be at The Flash Centre in Central London from 9am until 11am talking about how cool the new Canon 7d is. Come ask as many questions as possible.

We are also currently in negotiations to package something very cool with anyone buying the 5dmkII or 7d from them.

I will be previewing my new “Shoot great 7d video” DVD there, so come take a sneak peak…you can reserve your copy by emailing There will be limited numbers available initially.


Some images from the upcoming 7d DVD. If you have a 5dmkII why not buy my Canon 5dmkII DVD?



  1. Urgh… you’re doing a 7D DVD? I just ordered the 5D mkII DVD cos I thought there wasn’t going to be 7D DVD (just an add-on video). Can I exchange when the new one comes out? Or what’s in the 7D DVD that’s not in the 5D one?

  2. Same here, I just bought the 5D DVD thinking well that covers it.

    Will the 7D web video for 5D video owners – be the complete 7D dvd content? in a secret online area?

    how will that work?

    OR can we get a cracking discount…………. instead?

  3. Is there an estimate on when this will be available?
    I know there were issues regarding audio sync and XDCAM footage at 29.97 and 5D MKII footage at 30p in the same timeline and all the conversion that it entailed.

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