Fantastic short film competition with amazing judges like Paul Greengrass and Russell Mulcahy


This is a unique film competition, you have to make a film based on the recent UK riots with the SAME script as everyone else, well there are two actually! This will make a unique and fascinating experiment.

Here is the info below! The judges are fantastic. Paul Greengrass, Russell Mulcahy who directed Highlander, Producer Jeremy Bolt, X-Men First Class Editor Eddie Hamilton, The BFI’s Chris Collins and strangely me!

Download the scripts here!

Completed films need to be uploaded by the 21st October. Click here for more info!



Four Days In August – film competition

Four Nights In August film banner

A One Minute Film Making Challenge based on the UK riots, run by the London Screenwriters’ Festival.


Do you have what it takes to make a killer one minute film? You could win cash, film making prizes and get your work judged by leading industry figures.

Unlike most film challenges, the hardest part, the screenplay, has already been done for you as part of our one page screenplay contest. In fact, such were the quality of entries that our judges decided to award first prize to two scripts, so you have a menu! Now you just have to take a script and run with it.

Having the script already written means that all your competitors have the same solid foundation too, meaning the best filmmaking will win the day. Great performances, stunning cinematography, fabulous sound, mesmerising music, challenging interpretation of the script… these are all ways to shine.

Completed films must be uploaded by 9am on Friday 21st October.

Completed films must also include the title card for the competition, which should last 3 seconds. The title card will be made available very soon, so check back for details.

The winners will receive £250 cash, tickets for the festival, a pile of film making goodies and have their work seen by our esteemed judges.The winning film-making team will be announced at the London Screenwriters’ Festival where the finalist films and winning film (and for this comp, the really will only be one winner!) will be screened.


I’d rather make my own one page script.
So please go ahead! But DON’T enter it for this contest – only entries using the winning script from the first contest will be considered by the judges.

Is there a fee for this contest?
No, it’s 100% free. So please tell ALL your filmmaking friends.

We all make the same script? How can that be useful?! Can’t we have a shortlist of scripts or something?
Different people see the same story different ways – and these different POVs end up in the film. We want to show how all of those involved – from the screenwriter up – make this happen.

Can I make my own interpretation of the one page script?
Absolutely. Filmmaking is a collaborative business, we want to see how filmmakers interpret the SAME MATERIAL – it will be a great learning curve not only for those directly involved, but those watching the differing end products.

Can I enter more than once?
No, sorry. Just the one entry per team this time.

I’ve already bought a ticket to the festival!
Fantastic – in that case, if you win, we will refund you so you’d still be coming for free.

Can writers from overseas enter?
Yes of course – though please note getting to the festival and accommodation to take advantage of the prize ticket is the winner’s responsibility, not ours.

Where do I send my film?
Just upload to YouTube and send us a link (with your names and a phone number). Just make sure you do that BEFORE the deadline ends. Send it to and add the subject line LSF FILM CONTEST.


  1. Hi Philip! I’m a huge fan of yours and found out about this competition via your blog. This morning the 6 finalists were chosen for you guys to judge, I’m assuming. I was wondering if you could shed some light on my entry and perhaps give me some constructive criticism. I feel like we had a really strong entry, but it doesn’t seem that way. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated from you and from anyone else following this blog as well! The link is below

    Thanks in advance

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