The 2011 Zacuto shootout Part 3 is finally released! Watch and enjoy!

It’s been a huge task and Emmy nominated editor Karen Abad has done an amazing job on this edit! Part 3 is finally here. Enjoy and count down the days until it all starts again!

Click the image below to watch it!


  1. Great series this! I think this proves film is far ahead and top of the pile for lattitude resolution and now in the final part, skin tones.

    I’d also be curious to know was the film transferred to digital? I assume it must have been which means the organic look of film is bought into the digital world as opposed to seeing it in the cinema projected. I think maybe this could be unfair as the test doesn’t transfer HD to film and then make a comparison.

    I also thought the AF101 done well But I still love the look of the canon mark 2

    1. Hi Mark,
      The film was scanned in 4k resolution with 16bits of color to a DPX sequence. This type of transfer is pretty much a standard way of importing film based acquisition into a DI process for finishing digitally. Transferring all of the digital cameras to film would have been difficult as a film print has it’s own characteristics. Since 11 out of the 12 cameras were digitally based, it was much more economical and practical to bring the film into the digital world instead of the other way around.


  2. I’ve been looking forward to this one in particular. Letting it upload now.

    I get a kick out of seeing all the guys I know in the background.

    This was such a great series. Well done.

    1. Hi,

      The 7D was too flat. Seems as if the contrast settings go further than the 5DmkII. The 7D had terrible gradation and was even flatter than the film. There is such a thing as too flat, and reducing the contrast that much was unnecessary for that shot. Lost a lot of mid tone gradation that will never come back.

      As for the colors of the 7D, the man was too yellow, and the women had too much magenta. Most of the cameras were bias either towards yellow/green or magenta/red, but the 7D was bias in both!

    2. For all the DSLRs I think I like the Canon 7D the most. It has a soft look to it and you do not see all the small pot marks in the peoples faces.

      If you look at the girl in the middle you can not see any problems in the skin.

      Keep in mind people do not look at persons skin like this in real life.

  3. I was a bit surprised that they said the skin tone rendering of the DSLRs is so much worse than film stock. In the shootout 2010 where DSLRs were compared to Kodak and Fuji stock they said that the skintones from the DSLRs were actually as good as or even BETTER (!) than film…!

    A strange thing that an opinion can be so different in two shootouts from the same company…
    I am starting to ask myself how much I should give on these opinions? Are they dependent on daily constitution of the testers? Are they too much influenced by fugacious enthusiasm?

    I come to realize that these shootouts from zacuto provide very good picture comparisons from these cameras, but I don’t take the comments from the people in the theatre too seriously.

    What do you think about that?


  4. I am an amateur, but now I understand what.. rolling shutter.. is. Thanks. I videoed a 1929 Ford Tri-motor airplane and the propellers showed exactly what a rolling shutter does. I was using an entry level dsl the Sony dsc-hx100v. The rest of the video turned out great except for the prop shots. It is on Youtube.. my channel is MORNINGWOOD.

  5. the skintonetest was weird. colortests are always a litte difficult, because there is always a difference in the exposure etc. left. but the images are so different.

    it was actually shocking to see, that most cameras work good on one skintone, but looked terrible on the other. so if your maincharacter is black, you better don´t buy an f3, weisscam, af100 or d7000 (he looked photoshoped in sometimes), but they perform great on the woman in the middle. the alexa and the 5d are pretty multicultural 😉

    so my conclusion is, that i rent a camera for a movie and take my main characters to the store (and get a 5d markIII for everydays work) 🙂

    1. sorry, need to clarify. the f3 and the af100 loocked great on the woman in the middle. the d7000 just looked better than the 7d and the weisscam doesn´t shine/fail anywere.

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