Great Zacuto shootout promo

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Coming soon…the Great Zacuto Shootout. Only here and at!!

See some great BTS photos by clicking the banner below


  1. Sweet!!!

    Looks awesome cant wait for the 24th to watch this on a 52 inch screen! loved the beginning Phil with his star cowboy hat! Ahahah too funny!

  2. Awesome – looks great! – good to see Stu in there as well – very interested to see the results and hear some thoughts on the projected footage !

    was that on a 2K projector Phil ?

  3. This looks epic! I just bought a t2i and I wanna see how it holds up to the big boys when it comes to video.

    You guys know how to have fun! I wish I could be there 🙂

  4. Well, that’s one “test” that will be, “One Test to Rule Them All”.

    I think after this, if it’s done right, which I’m 99.099% sure it was, that this will be a definitive primer.

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