Grading “Return to Dungeness” with Magic Bullet Looks

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Made for RGTV. Here is a look at the kind of things I did using Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Looks. I hope it is informative, it runs at 27 minutes. It barely scratches the surface of Magic Bullet Looks. But I will be going into much more detail in later videos.

This will hopefully give you a better understanding of the software. You can see the finished short film “Return to Dungeness” here:

Software used to capture final cut pro is the quite superb “screenflow”

It is worth signing up to Exposure Room so you can download the h264 quicktime version for a clearer picture.


See tutorial by clicking here

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  1. Another inspiring, generous video. I’ve hammered away at my video with After Effects, Color Finesse, and Apple Color for ages — and never new Magic Bullet Looks was such a sleeping giant. Am grateful again! Ed

  2. Something tells me that Alan Parker would have found a place in the cast for you dad when he did Pink Floyd The Wall.

    I really like the effects you apply to cloudy skies. I wonder if that comes more from the base look (i.e. Blockbuster) or more of an application of the ND grads. I think a cool aspect of this software is that you can graduate areas of the frame and then change the color tint of those specific areas.

    I look forward to ordering Magic Bullet Looks in the future.

  3. Nice peek into your process, Philip. Thanks.
    In regards to color/image, do you recommend that you get your EX3 “tweaked” or dialed-in in your video dealer’s lab when you buy it or just use it “as-is” (save for picture profiles)?

  4. Your site has already provided so much information to the common man (without access to film cameras), and I truly appreciate and enjoy your work.

    I do wonder however, why you set the ND filter in magic bullet in post – instead of on location in camera – did the cinemek adapter grain show up? Thus forcing you to alter the image more in post? I guess my question ultimately centers on the f-stop limitations of the cinemek adapter.

    Thanks Phil,

    1. i shot without mattebox so i could show how well you can do things in post, knowing i was going to use this as a tutorial steve. The grain only showed up when I graded it up. which i wanted to do. You can stop down to f8 ish on the cinemek and use as much shutter as you want!

  5. Wow, what a piece of software. It’s great to see you working “behind the scenes”, Philip. I paused the tutorial several times just to see your Final Cut setup, your favorites etc 🙂


  6. Phil, greatly appreciate this vid – very cool. Something I wanted to ask. If you were to buy Bullet Looks 1.2, is there really any need to purchase Colorista as well? May be a ridiculous question.

    Thanks again.

  7. Hi Philip, hope you are well. Nice work with your film ‘Return to Dungeness’. I like your use of colour grading with Magic Bullet looks.

    Just a quick question, I am interested in buying the Magic Bullet looks plugin for premiere pro CS3 but I only own a standard Definition camcorder. Before I commit to buying do you think MBL works ok with standard definition footage?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide. Take care.

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