GearEye, a potentially terrific solution for making sure you have packed the right gear



Preparing and packing for shoots is one of the least pleasurable parts of my job. Making a list of what I need and then then packing into the bags, then questioning whether you packed something, so you unpack stuff and realize it was already in there. Ugh.

GearEye could well become very useful indeed to take the stress out of packing. It is a soon to go live on Kickstarter. Their webpage called it a “location-based logbook for high-end gear.” They use  super thin,  passive RFID (radio frequency identity tags) stickers that you stick onto all of your gear. RFID are low. The stickers are quote “super-affordable” so you can put them on everything. For me that can be hundreds of them for a biggish shoot, especially when it comes to media and batteries. As they are passive they don’t require batteries and have a range of about 3 metres.



Using either a dedicated smartphone case or on dongle that reads RDIF you have an app where you have a database of your gear then you can create kit lists for shoots, and if something isn’t packed in the bag you will know. How well this will work in practice I don’t know – it would take me a few shoots to start trusting it – but potentially this could be a massive time and stress saver!


The Kickstarter launches on the 27th October and you can register your interest here.






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