First UK Final Cut Pro Supermeet. See and hear me talk Canon 5d mk II and share the stage with a Legend!

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I am extremely flattered and delighted to have been asked to be one of the five speakers at the first annual Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet in London this month on the 25th June. These are massive events and are always attended by some of the best in the business. This one, the first time a supermeet has been held in London, has incredibly, secured Bafta and Oscar winning legendary movie and sound Editor, Walter Murch. Yes, the man who cut “Apocalypse Now”, the man who actually edited “Cold Mountain” with the then very unreliable Final Cut Pro Version 1 and 2. The first time anyone had used Final Cut for a movie. 

I myself, will be talking about Canon 5d mk II workflow, how to get the best out of it, how to convert to 24p and be showing some of my clips. 

uk09_supermeet_400x300_murchI really can’t wait. I was going as a punter anyway, but to be sharing the stage with such a visionary is a huge honour. I thoroughly recommend reading the book, Behind the Seen: How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain Using Apple’s Final Cut Pro and What This Means for Cinema (Voices That Matter)  which is a fantastic insight into the visionary and to be honest ludicrously nuts idea of using off the shelf Apple Macs and Final Cut Pro to edit a movie with rather than the way more expensive and traditionally used Avid. Today that may not seem a big deal, 6 years ago was another matter! Another must is the documentary, “Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing” an incredible documentary about movie editing and the stuff with Walter, watching him work is incredible. I cannot recommend this enough. 











Anyway, enough idolizing! If you haven’t been to a Supermeet before you are in for a real treat. Really insightful stuff, a lot of fun, good food and drink and GREAT PRIZES!! Check out the main UK FPUG page to see all the prizes. There are a lot, when I was at the event at IBC last year I think I was the only person there who didn’t win anything, so I stole a chair from the auditorium, only to be arrested at Schipol airport and it taken from me! That last story may not be 100% true!

Anyway, come along, There are some tickets left. Be great to meet you personally, but even if you are just a cameraman or a director and not an editor the stuff that people talk about is often broader than just editing. Walter Murch is about a good a speaker as they could have got. I will be talking a lot about my Canon 5d mkII experiences as well as my workflow. Even if you hate MACs, hate Final Cut Pro and are AVID, VEGAS, PREMIERE, WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER through and through, just come and hear Walter speak. You will not be disappointed!!

Here is the site to go to for tickets. But hurry up! Space is limited!


Click the image below to see my friend, Rick Young of, interview Walter last year. He was interview of the week just before me. I was incredibly flattered then too!!



  1. OK, OK, we know you are there – it is the only reason that some of us have booked tickets (well unless you count Walter Murch’s presence 🙂

    Looking forward to it

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