Firewire issues with the F350

I hate firewire!

When it works it’s great. When things go wrong it’s a nightmare!

My beloved F350’s firewire packed in halfway through a crucial edit yesterday. I had no way of laying back to disc. It had been working all day and there was no reason for it to have happened. Everything was all still plugged in, I just tuned the camera back on and nothing.

So it has to go pack to Sony for repair. I will be without it for ten days and this is going to be a complete nightmare.

It’s not my first camera to have had firewire issues, My Z1, A1e and HVX200 have all had blown firewire at some point. The Z1 was because my cat had chewed through the firewire cable and I hadn’t seen it. The others I have no idea why!

The great thing about the ex1 is it connects to the computer via the USB, so much safer. All these firewire issues stem from power being sent from the mac down the cable. I really need to find a solution to stop this happening again. It’s caused me so many problems and I am fed up with them!!

What I want is the U1 USB XDCAM disc reader AND for it be firmware upgraded to write as well! Hurry up Sony!

In the meantime my plans on shooting a cool new Extreme/ EX1 short tomorrow has hit the skids! I have been struck down by the Norovirus which is sweeping Britain and am hoping to get into the guinness book of records for furthest projective vomit ever. Mmmmm, nice! Linda Blair had it easy!

If anyone wants to send me chicken soup I will be much obliged!