minor blog about rails and tripod mounts

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I haven’t found the perfect rails system. That is until today. My dad came over and he sawed the long up down risers so they are now flush.

I can now use the Protech ST-1 “press shooter” which has made a big help. It’s a Japanese product imported to the US. Using it with the Sony vct l4u makes the rig so much steadier. I bought it from www.big10media.com in the US.

By using the Letus Rails and now the Press shooter tripod mount (it attaches to the bottom of your camera instead of the feeble little manfrotto one) I have a rock steady rig finally. I can’t recommend it enough!


  1. Phil how are you attaching the Letus rails to the Sony vct l4u quick release plate? I know that the F350 attaches to this with its front foot. Not sure where you or how you got another foot?

  2. Hi, philip, what is your setup right now with the LET I mean in term of the zoom and everything….cose I’m reciving mine next week and I allready have my EX1 ;D


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