F 0.95 50mm lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras!??!?!

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I was contacted last night by a company called Noktor who are going to loan me their new 50mm F 0.95 lens for the micro four thirds system for a couple of weeks. I have no idea how much it will cost but as soon as it get it I will stick on my Lumix GF1 as I don’t have my GH1 with me and take some video and stills. SUPER FAST!!

I was lucky enough to shoot with the Leica M9 and the 0.95 50mm lens the other day. I want one, but my god that is expensive! Let’s see how much this one goes for!


  1. Oh WOW! I guess I know what I’m saving up for now (assuming it will cost an arm and a leg.) Of course 50mm on m4/3 is 100mm 35mm equivalent FOV but I still use my 50mm Nikkor a lot on my GH1. Imagining this, a GF1, and the 20mm f/1.7 that you’re so fond of, all in your pocket(s) (well, maybe jacket pockets)….nice.

  2. The force of this brand new company is Solomon Chase, that the HV20 community would recognize from his “Rainy Day” video. It was a video that made a lot of people actually buy the HV20 back in 2007. It was the defacto HV20 demo video! So for some of us in the HV20 community, Solomon is considered “our boy”. He later went on and won the DVXUser competition with his “Nightlight” GH1-shot short film. 🙂

    From filmmakers to filmmakers! 🙂
    Can’t wait to read your review Philip!

  3. Interesting 🙂

    I’m guessing this is 100mm with the 2x crop? So many interesting and strange options for fast primes for my gh1….

    c-mount, canon fd, nikon mf, 20mm pancake……

    Why oh why am I still being bitten by the canon hd dslr bug? 🙁

  4. Would that be 50mm x the crop factor of the 4/3 system? Or is it 50mm with the crop already factored in? It sound wicked, but I suspect the depth of field might be frustratingly shallow.

  5. 0.95?!! damn that’s bright! Although pulling focus with that thing would be nearly impossible without an overhaul like Kubrick did to his 0.7 lens.

    On the other hand, would this lens cause vignetting on a 7D? And does there exist a Full Frame version of one of these lenses anywhere?

  6. Rumor is that the noktor is targetting a $700 price when it ships. This is not certain, as putting it into production may apparently affect the final cost (up or down we don’t know) but that $700 is their goal for the price.

  7. There are many options for fast 50mm lenses. I love my Nikkor 50mm f1.4 ais on my 7d the most. I hope more companies make cine style lenses for HDSLR’s..

  8. I love the GH-1. It’s great in so many ways but I hate the lack of a focus scale on their lenses. That includes the 7-14 and the 20mm. But they are very good lenses. So as great and as necessary as a large aperture is, I will probably stick to Nikon primes via the adaptor – f1.8.
    Also the Zacuto finder works well on the GH-1 and I prefer it to the camera’s eyefinder. I have just bought a little Fellini LED Video Light at the Broadcast Show. It is just the job as the power is totally variable so it provides just the fill you need. I just love video on DSLR (sold the EX3) – use a Zoom 4 for serious sound – Pluraleyes is just orgasmic – but wish the AVC Codec was better.

  9. After seeing that you recommend the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 on your site, I asked a buddy who had one if he would part with his. I coaxed him into it and after testing with it over the weekend, I’d have to say everyone needs a good 50mm prime lens (even if cropped)

    When filming at 1.4 aperture… you can focus on someones eyes and have their nose out of focus. Simply amazing. Love to see this in action.

  10. I have already tried my GF1 + 85mm Planar C/Y ƒ1.4 with great results. Considering that you are loosing two steps in DOF in µ4/3, with this lens 50mm ƒ.95 you will have a look similar to a 100mm ƒ1.8 in FF, sounds great (and pocketable).

    Mr. Bloom, I have another question: AVCHD Lite codec it’s a nightmare. Using FCP you recommend ProRes codec for the workflow? any other suggestions will be appreciate. Thanks.

  11. Sounds very interesting. But beside of the Leica Noctilux there is also another much more cheaper option: Voigtländer 1.1/50 mm Nokton made by Cosina in Japan. I didn’t test it but a friend who tested it on his olympus pen said that Cosina seems to reach a quality level with this lens which refers to the former owner of Voigländer (which was Zeiss)… Here in Europe it goes for about € 950,-

  12. Hi

    I’ve got to ask, was this taken with flash?

    Is the posterisation in the image (noticable on the face)the result of the Jpeg compression or the quality of the lens?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. It seems the price is only $750! That’s disgustingly cheap but not that I would complain nor own a Micro Four-Thirds camera.

    Have a Leica Digilux 3 (Four-Thirds) though.

  14. Well this lens is just a rebadge of this lens-http://www.avsupply.com/details/vfa5095h.shtml

    not sure what the quality is like but would be intereted to find out

      1. I cannot find the stills, do you the link?
        I would love to see what this lens is capable of. I currently use Canon FD 50mm 1.4 for low light, shallow DOF shots on my GH1, I am wondering if that lens is a worthy upgrade.

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