Watch the first episode of “The Production office” live from Ealing Studios here!

This Thursday at 1930 GMT I will be appearing on the live 1 hour show with Chris Jones of Guerilla Filmmaker’s Pocketbook/ handbook fame on his show “The Production Office” for the first episode in Season 2. It airs every alternate Thursday.

I will be talking about all sorts of stuff, DLSRs, the new large chip cameras and whatever else Chris wants! I am sure I will be asked many questions by the viewers too. It should be fun, I am going straight from my shoot to Ealing Studios so I may need a stiff drink when I get there Chris!!

EDIT: Watch the recording of the first show here now!!


  1. Nice Philip, was fun to watch.

    I noticed at one point you whipped out the Alesis Protrack. Coincidentally enough, I just discovered those myself a couple of days ago, and was thinking about picking one up to see how well it works with XLR mics.

    Will be interested in a review when you have a chance to play with it properly. 🙂

  2. I’m too impatient. I went and bought one, arrived a couple of days ago.

    Very nice with a Sennheiser K6 plugged into the XLR inputs with phantom power. Works with the iPhone 3GS, but I called Alesis UK, and the shield to hold the iPhone (or iPod Touch) onto the ProTrack isn’t available in the UK, and their US website doesn’t accept orders from outside the US.

    So, rubber band to the rescue for a while, but works great. 🙂

  3. Nice Interview, surprisingly lengthy show!
    Glad you did it whilst drinking a GnT! a somewhat average one none the less.. will be happy to hit you up for some more refreshing ones down under…especially with the heat in Sydney at the moment !!

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