FINALLY! I can officially announce the RODE Video Mic Pro and ten to give away!! Winners Announced!

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EDIT: Winners drawn but please still donate!! Here is a list and an embed of the very silly live draw!

Peter seweryn

Dan ngyuen

Hans kabal

Eamon Dimmitt

Sean taye

Andrew reale

Rob Thompson

Brian English

Steve Dispensa

Ramier jonze

I have always recommended the Rode Video Mic as my on camera shotgun mic of choice for DSLRs, I used it on Venice’s People to great effect. I was shocked at how good a camera mic could sound.

Back in September I met up with Damien from Australian based RODE in Santa Monica when I was there doing a workshop and he told me about the new Video Mic Pro. I received one to test out in November and used it on my penultimate Movember film at the Gala party in a crazy loud environment with my GH2 and it performed spectacularly. An on camera shotgun had no right to sound as good as this. With it’s +20db sound option this has strong powerful sound! Unfortunately I was under an embargo on revealing the mic until it was ready for sale, well that embargo has just been lifted and I can now officially announce it!! Hurrah!

It’s smaller than the VIdeo Mic, the perfect size for your DSLR, has better rubber bands for suspension and overall sounds A LOT better! For more tech specs check out the data sheet further down this blog. It will retail for around $230 or so and dealers should be getting stock in 2 weeks or so..

  • Broadcast recording quality condenser microphone
  • Compact design (only 150mm/6″ length)
  • Ultra lightweight (only 85g/3oz)
  • 9V battery powered, with up to 70 hours battery life (alkaline)
  • Integrated shock mounting
  • Integrated foam windshield
  • 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output (dual mono)
  • Two step High Pass Filter (flat, 80Hz)
  • Three position level control (-10dB, 0, +20dB)
  • Camera shoe mount with 3/8″ thread for easy boompole mounting
  • GH2: Movember Gala Party from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

    Shot at the London Movember Gala Party on the Panasonic GH2 pre-production EU version with Voigtlander 25mm F.95 lens.

    Straight out of the camera. No grading.

    Sound with Rode Video Mic Pro.

    Please donate to fight prostate cancer here. Every little helps please!: It’s not too late to donate!!!

    Music High Wire by Edwin Astley

    RODE are the company bringing me to Australia in February for a series of DSLR workshops which I am really excited about. They have also incredibly generously donated TEN, yes TEN Video Mic Pros to readers of my blog. I have been trying to figure out a way to give them away and the best way I can do it is do something that can help people. I am sure you are aware of the devastating floods that have hit Queensland. There is a fund to help the people affected by this disaster and all you need to do to have a chance to win one of these awesome mics is donate something to the fund. The minimum is just a dollar, but I am sure we can all spare a little bit more than that. Every little helps. Once you have donated then drop me an email at with your receipt number and I will then do a draw at  2200 this Monday GMT live on Ustream where I will assign each of one of the emails a number and using the random number generator pick ten numbers then read out the names of the winners. I will then send those emails to RODE who will send you the mic. Phew…Hope it works!!! Unfortunately you cannot use Paypal to donate right now, just credit card or bank transfer. I hope that changes as Paypal is a very easy way for people to donate.

    Filming at Movember Gala with the then secret Mic!