Critics Episode 6 now live



I just came back from recording “Season 2” in Chicago. Here is one of the remaining episodes of “Season 1”. It features the most popular video on vimeo as well as one of my favourites…Carlos Lascano’s “A Short Love Story in Stop Motion”.


Critics Promo 2: REVENGE from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Starring Steve Weiss, Philip Bloom and Mick Jones



  1. Excellent episode guys! Philip, you’re really funny – the comment about the DOF adapter (during the flying video) was hysterical. Excellent choices this week. Keep them coming!

  2. HA, I love how Steve is just left speechless, this is so funny. This is a great example of what power such lil film can have on people, especially in this case where a guy spends 20 min. just bumping his gums, then wham! just shut up and watch.

  3. These episodes are really great for discovering new talent and getting inspiration to go out and be creative. The short animated piece at the end is pretty much one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, and I’m still puzzling over how some of those images might have been made. Great, great series.

  4. Absolutely amazing footage. All of it is great, creative. But the Flight Video is unbelievable and incredible. Amazing.

    Thanks for bringing this to us.


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