Chicago by boat: A timelapse journey and the joy that is Data Rescue 3

Yesterday, for my last night in Chicago I was fortunate enough to be around to be part of the  2nd annual Zacuto boat trip. Where they thank their staff by taking them on a boat trip along Lake Michigan and through the canals of Chicago. Naturally I timelapsed the whole thing using my Canon 60D with the Tokina 11-16mm at the 11mm end. Secured to the boat with the heavy duty gorillapod, AV mode due to the light changing, interval 3 seconds. daylight white balance, large Jpegs as usual, ISO 320 and wide open.

The battery easily lasted the 3 and a half hours. Except I had a scary error at the end of the trip when I went to look back at the photos and it said cannot display image. Scary. Not had that before. So went back and tried to offload. It said 8gb used but no photos were there.

So I opened up my trusty Data Rescue 3 software that costs just $99 and has saved my life about 6 times…the number of card failures I have had. Every time it has succeeded . Even formatted cards. Oddly on my first scan it just found all my old Space Needle photos that were long erased but not the new ones. On a second scan it found all the missing photos…phew!

If you don’t own it now…BUY IT! It will save your life!

Music is by Nine Inch Nails from the Creative Commons album Ghosts.

Grading was done within the new Magic Bullet Looks 2





  1. Very Cool, Philip! Nice to see some 60D love!

    QUESTION: Which NLE did you use on this one? FCP7, FCPX, CS5.5??

    I am near the end of my rope with FCPX. I’m trying very hard to give it time but I’m afraid I’m close to jumping the FCP ship.


  2. Did you ever find a de-flickering solution that you liked? I’ve been experimenting with GBDeflicker and also the Graft and MSU plugins for VirtualDub, which works remarkably well under VMWare Fusion on my mac.

    I normally only have to use it on my timelapses when there are day to night transitions.

  3. In an insane coincidence, I was just visiting the data rescue website not 10 minutes ago, in an attempt to recover accidentally deleted photos for a timelapse. But I’m too cheap to spend $100, so I am still searching for a free option. 🙂

  4. Hi,

    which time lapse controller did you use with the canon 60d…as far as I know the original canon remote controller cant do interval picture mode…I know that my original timelapse controller that I use on my beloved canon 5d doesnt work on the canon 60d so I was wandering which one did you use that lets you do timelapse on the 60d…great video very nice match with the music…thanks for the info…best regards

  5. Hey Phillip, I used my 60D recently and got the same error message up, I deleted the file not thinking and now Im unsure whether I can get it back or not, Im a windows user so data rescue 3 Isnt an option.are there any good recovery programs for windows that would fix this ? Also do you know if its a problem with the memory card or more the 60Ds fault.


    1. Data Rescue is also built for the PC. It is called Data Rescue PC 3. Make sure you format your SD card each time you put it back in your camera. I would like to believe it is the SD card that would be causing the problem…

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