Charity poker event at NAB. Come see me lose all my money!

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Ben Eckstein, Rob Imbs and Justin Carlson have organised this excellent charity poker event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas during NAB on Monday April 12th at 8pm.

I will be playing, Rodney Charters ASC, Shane Hurlbut ASC, Vincent LaForet and Kevin Shaninian too. Unfortunately the only poker I used to play was the more adult variety and I was always the chilliest one by the end 😉 So I will be probably be done by about 815PM! Rodney also tells me he sucks, but I think he is bluffing!

Event info:

The event ( will be held in a way to give players of all skill levels an opportunity to win awesome prizes.  Seriously!  You can absolutely stink at poker and still win a prize worth hundreds of dollars!  This event is more about meeting up with some fun people, and giving out great prizes.

The current prize list (which keeps growing) is as follows: 

-1 Steadicam Merlin
-1 Letus Mantis System
-1 Redrock Micro Ultraport DSLR Bundle
-1 Blackmagic Designs Intensity Pro
-1 Cinevate UNO DSLR Rig
-1 Zacuto Z-finder
-2 Zacuto Z-grips
-4 SmallHD monitors
-1 Schneider Optics 5-filter 4×4 pack
-1 Jag35 DSLR Cage
-1 Jag35 Follow Focus
-1 Glidetrack HDm1
-1 Kessler CineSlider
-15 CRAM Compressor plug-in licenses
-15 Schneider Optics Lens Cleaning Kits

It’s a great even for a great cause, the American Red Cross for Haitian earthquake relief.

There are also a massive amount of great great prizes given to players regardless of their skill at winning (like me)

Check out the site below by clicking on the banner and sign up! Spaces limited!!

Shame we aren’t playing Whist, am awesome at that!

Apologies for the awful quality of this video but it sums me up completely!


  1. If you reenact that scene whilst doing your Cowboy Voice from the shootout trailer (and with your cool new hat) … you may raise quite a huge sum of money. I can see it going down in the Casino now.

  2. Signed up and ready to go.. I just wonder how pooped Im going to be from all the walking I plan on doing at NAB. It my 2nd favorite time of the year.. right behind Christmas. 8)

  3. I’ve been trying my hardest to figure out how to get there for this but it’s looking like tuesday is my only option for flying in without paying more than I want to. I may change my mind by tomorrow when I book the flight, it would be a lot of fun to do this, and it’s a write off for all us freelancers…

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