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DVX user run a terrific film competition and some of the entrants are amazing.

I wanted to do something a little bit more accessible for people. There doesn’t need to be a narrative but there can be if you want.

The main plan is to just get people out there and film, that is what is missing from a lot of forums. There is so much chat about the specs of gear and not enough shooting. I want to inspire people to get out there.

On the 1st of every other month I will announce a concept or maybe just a title and you guys get out there and make something. I will create channels on both and so we can view the results. I will start this one off early and the closing date for entrants is the end of July. There will be one week afterwards for people to vote.

Start your own thread in this section with the title of your film and get it up on vimeo and exposure room anytime you want. Sooner the better really as it gives people more of a chance to see it before voting. Yes everyone gets a vote. Email me when it is up and I will stick in the channel.

It doesn’t have to be on a 35mm adaptor, it doesn’t have to be HD. It’s up to you.

For the first one I am going with a really, easy, simple idea. It’s a title and it’s called “This is me”

It could be a life story, a day in the life, what you think you represent…anything really.

The only rules are it can’t be longer than 5 minutes. It must credit Philip Bloom Forum at the end and that is about it!

There isn’t much I can offer as prizes but there have been some donations.


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  1. There is so much chat about the specs of gear and not enough shooting.

    AMEN to that. UGH all the petty bickering over blu-ray vs. hard drive vs. xdcam disc and lacie vs. maxtor vs. thumb drive and on and on…

    its enough to drive one batty.

  2. wow that is really kind of you! I will put a message on the forum thread saying you have done that and maybe we could end up with a prize fund or something to give people more incentive!

  3. Very Good ! I do not have Pay pal , but I will figure out next week ( this weekend we have holiday – Memorial weekend ) . Prize fund – great idea for start ! Hopefully, others will participate and everything will go through…

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