A little short shot using Canon 7d and shot in…30p!!

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Now why on earth would I do that when I harp on about how much nicer 24p and 25p looks?

Well simply because this was filmed for a segment of my new “shooting video with the 7d” dvd that is coming out in a couple of weeks. It was about how to record sound separately using the Zoom H4n and a Sony wireless lav.

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von24pIt is simple the lovely Von Marie Donato reading a short text (used by Charlie Sheen in Platoon!) and me filming her from a number of different angles.

I used the 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.2, 70-200mm f2.8 and the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 which was used for the pseudo “jib shot”

I left the zoom recorder running whilst I did all the different shots and used pluraleyes to sync it all up automatically.

First two shots were shot at 720p 60p and converted to 29.97 in Cinema Tools.

Below is the native 30p version on Vimeo and below that is the jES De-interlacer 24p transcoded version on Exposure Room. The 24p has some motion blur due to the method I used. I will change this to another version later.


Girl with the flaxen hair: Canon 7d 30p (!) from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

[xr_video id=”5e7861bfcd44457c8fe6f70cf0289786″ size=”md”]

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      1. I’m just glad this time there’s options! especially with the 50p and 60p for doing some nice slomo.

        I really wish Nikon would come out with something that’s not just comparable in picture quality but controls and framerates. I want to be able to properly use my nikon accessories (flashes, & lenses)! 😉 But alas it seems Canon might be the one better at bridging the gap between stills and video…

  1. Someone needs to shoot a vid with two 7D’s in parallel, one at 24p and one at 30p, then upload both videos. That would be a true – and very interesting – comparison.

    Maybe even skew the angles a bit so cross-eyed people could have an out-of-phase 3D experience. James Cameron are you listening?

  2. I prefer the 30p one too. I even avoided the temptation to post as @Fuhrer. I think its only because it looks less obviously processed. Doesn’t Vimeo change things to 24fps when it encodes though?

  3. 24p version stutters a bit on the move. As a stills photographer moving into film making I find all this 24p/30p thing a bit like the Emperor’s new clothes, most of the time I can’t tell the difference except if there is panning, then 24p seems juddery. Thanks for sharing Philip.

      1. Thank you for the reply, i saw the video on your 5d vs 7d blog.
        The rolling shutter is there.
        probably the same story with all the (video)camera’s with cmos sensors today.

      2. Hi Phillip, great work. Many thanks for your time and knowledge.
        We are here in Argentina, PAL land(not ntsc), and living still pretty much in the film era. We want to move to video and the VDSLRs like the 7D sound quite appealing to us. We do documentaries and info videos for now. Would you say is not a good move then to go for this cameras and syncing the sound, rather than EX1 or JVC HM700 or HPX300? Obviously the 7D is a lot cheaper and does PAL, but is it not good enough to go for that rather than conventional video cameras?

        Again thanks for your time.

        1. I do think the 7D is not a video camera replacement, rather something to enhance your work and use as a tool rather a direct replacement. I still think the EX1 is one of the best all round video cameras out there.

            1. ex1 and HM700 are proper video cameras with proper sound inputs, don’t have the horrendous rolling shutter issues of 7D, don’t have time limits on clips and record in formats that are quickly and easily. transcodable

  4. Philip,
    Thanks for what you do here…just a couple of questions. Have you tried synching audio from the H4N with 24p footage from the 7D? Would there be any problems matching the audio and video up?

      1. I hope this isn’t a dumb question but Is there any way to get that ratio without cropping the image? ….Thanks again for the website and all the info.

  5. I buy the 7D and also in low movements the stuttering in 24p 25p mode is very noisly, you can also see on a camera LCD.
    Is this normal?? Or just my camera?

  6. Some people like 30p over 24p believe it or not but the problem is you can not convert 30p to 24p that good.

    James Cameron and George Lucas wanted to film movies are 48p. Some guy on vimeo said that so take it with a grain of salt.

    From the Sci-Fi movie Director of INK. Filmed on Pentax HDSLR at 30p. Note Pentax sucks for HDSLR film making. Pentax paid this director as a pro to sell Pentax cameras.

    Uncle Jack


    The Making of Uncle Jack


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