7D, T2i 50p/60p into slow motion with Premiere Pro

Thanks to Luke Brooks for this short tutorial. Please play full screen to see clearly what he is doing. His tutorial is for 50p but the same applies to 60p.

Screen shot 2009-11-27 at 12.10.44

7D 50p to 25p Slowmotion in Premiere from Luke Brooks on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Phil. first post on you blog, however i have been following you for the last few months now. Im def. a huge fan of your work..

    my question is about mixing 1080/24P footage and 720/60p footage. I will be doing a video with some slow motion scenes in it which is why i want the 720P… whats the best way of editing this footage, in terms of importing into my NLE……

    should i upconvert to 1080 or down convert to 720…at the end of the day, this will be published primarily on the web…

    which leads me to my next question…

    should I just shoot the whole thing in 720P? or will i lose some “information” by not shooting in 1080P (even if i do end up converting that footage to 720P when editing/exporting…)

    I watched video you did, Dublin’s People. You had on your youtube description that it was shot at 24P (however you had some slow motion in there, which im assuming you shot at 720/60)

    Just curious as to what your work flow is when shooting with these two formats?

    thanks so much!

  2. Hi there, Just curious, in the past I have just stretched the time of my 50p footage by 50%

    This has always given me a nice smooth slow motion look.

    What are the advantages and/or disadvantages between your method and the one I have been using?

    Thanks very much for the tut! 😀


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