New episode of “Critics”!!

Yes it’s that time again, the wait has been long and many questions and theories have been posed since the last once aired but the most anticipated event of the year is upon us again…yes…”Lost” returns to our screens next week! But until then here is the latest episode of “Critics”! Enjoy!

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  1. Haha, I started skipping through the first video and skipped straight to the bit where you stopped it, made me laugh. I see what you mean, shot well, but that song really didn’t do it for me. Most music videos use an edited version of the song just for this reason, to keep it short and snappy.

    PS I don’t know if it is my computer, but I can never full screeen the critics videos. I am using chrome.

      1. Same here as well, I’m using Safari on the Mac. I usually watch it full screen on the Zacuto site as the button works on their player.

        Correct, the first video did have a terrible song and cliched content but it was nicely shot and strangely different to most other music vids

        Liked the last one but a lot of the power comes from the subject. Not to say it wasn’t well written and shot – it was excellent in both those aspects, but feel it relied too much for the emotional punch on a unpleasant subject. I actually found it quite scary in places. Nice dog though.

  2. The last film was a downer and an opportunity lost, I have to agree with Steve. There must be hundreds of films just like this one, not only in the way it looked but the subject also. The topic must be horrific for anyone to endure, but no great incite into the topic nor any visuals we haven’t seen a thousand times.

    Once we had some exposition and clarity on the narrative, I thought we have a short on our hands when combining the title and the unfolding narrative. I was expecting careful sound design and images of isolation. In unison portraying a torched soul, a part of life we hope never to experience but are all destined at some point.

    Instead a fluctuating baseline and visuals of what looked like a 30 year old student that, from a narrative point relied too heavily on narration.

    Saying all that, an excellent idea with good intentions. It’s hard on a limited budget and few locations to have original ideas. The short should be applauded for the use of static shots and trying to use organic sounds. The writing felt good too, as it was the widow who chose to take down the pictures, to answer the call, to move on. All excellent but felt like the idea was under developed and because of this, at the last minute, lets stick more narration and music over it because it’s not working, and who isn’t guilty of that at some point, certainly not me, guilty as charged.

    The execution of any idea is the proof of the pudding and maybe a lack of collaboration is a factor here more than anything else?

    but what do I know . . .


  3. So, I’ve got to agree with Philip and disagree with Steve on the last piece. My view of both the lighting and music being very “flat” or 1:1 as he mentions is a mandatory for what the filmmaker is trying to get across. I don’t think he conveys lonely and “numb” with high contrast or with dark emotional lighting or music. I don’t find it mundane, but do find it melancholy.

    And to Steve, perhaps someone involved in this piece has personal experience? I’m thinking it might be a part of someone’s life or ???

    Well done to the filmmaker.

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