Greenpeace commercial shot on Canon 5dmkII

This is going out on MTV in the next few days. It’s the commercial I shot in Delhi on the Canon 5DmkII a couple of months back. Shot on monopod, Zacuto rig and Miller DS20 with a wide variety of lenses. 30p.


Check out my previous blog for more info.

Click here to see the 90 second spot. There is also a 60 second and 30 second spot.

©2009 Greenpeace

Directed by Lucy Campbell-Jackson


[vimeo 5698661 640 360]



  1. Phil…I am forever greatful for your work. You are amazing. I’m officially calling you the Jimi Hendrix of the…DSLR…EX1/3…Letus…You are great and very inspiring. Why aren’t you doing legit features?

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