Greenpeace commercial shot on Canon 5dmkII

This is going out on MTV in the next few days. It’s the commercial I shot in Delhi on the Canon 5DmkII a couple of months back. Shot on monopod, Zacuto rig and Miller DS20 with a wide variety of lenses. 30p.


Check out my previous blog for more info.

Click here to see the 90 second spot. There is also a 60 second and 30 second spot.

©2009 Greenpeace

Directed by Lucy Campbell-Jackson


[vimeo 5698661 640 360]

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  1. Wow, by far the best of your shorts I have seen. Storytelling, pictures, editing.
    Very impressive, very strong.

    With deep respect

  2. Hello Phillip, Love the shots and a departure from the suave narrative. My questions: Did you cut it? and Would you have use the 7D if you had it?

  3. Phil…I am forever greatful for your work. You are amazing. I’m officially calling you the Jimi Hendrix of the…DSLR…EX1/3…Letus…You are great and very inspiring. Why aren’t you doing legit features?