Discussion about DSLRs for filming, their future and where we are going with Vincent LaForet and myself

Back in October at the first Vimeo awards in New York on the opening day I and fellow frenchman Vincent LaForet took part in a debate about DSLRs in Cinema and what not. Below is the video of it. It’s long, so get a nice gin and tonic, put your feet up and listen to Vincent’s god awful English accent and admire my wonderful T-Shirt! 😉

David Leitner is moderator.

DSLR Cinema- The new dawn of filmmaking? from Vimeo Festival on Vimeo.



  1. Im glad to see this posted here, because my comment on vimeo was removed by Blake along with a Warning for saying that the moderator was “a pompous ass who seem to have a plug in his real to fuel his fat head”…

    He had this air about him with his talking back to the panel and audience as if we were kids, such as “DPC” this and that, and “I HAVE FILM IN MY BLOOD”, “my films are in the circuit right now” and dslr are not good for this and that or even trying to school us why these cameras have video options now.

    Funny thing is he tried to school Vincent how canon was surprise by the response for 24 p.. Um Vincent was the first shooter of that camera and you Phil was one of the leaders in helping it become 24P you guys have lead the way for these cameras to have these options and here he is trying to school you.

    He would make these faces when you guys spoke as if he was better then you.
    And was obviously kissing up to Arri… And I found it very tasteless to begin with his remark that he was the only straight guy on the panel.

    Other than that it was very insightful and a pleasure to watch I seen it 3 times with groups of people. Thanks Phil & Vince.

  2. Two things David Leitner also got very wrong :

    “No camera company ever does anything because a film maker asked them to”

    Errr…George Lucas asking Sony for a digital film camera for Phantom Menace??

    “I don’t know of another art form where everytime you experience it, it’s always so different”



  3. Hey Philip, is it possible that the reason why the 5d image looked better projected on the big screen is because the enlarged image didn’t look as sharp? I was just thinking that might be the reason because of an earlier post you had where you said that diffusion helped reduce moire. Maybe blowing up the image on the big screen acted as a form of diffusion?

  4. Philip,

    7DMKII, 5DMKIII? No offense, but was that a British humor or a serious comment? Couldn’t tell. If these are real can you speak to any details? I’m dying to know if they have perfected 60+ frames on a larger sensor. I have a 5DMKII and am on the verge of buying a 7D *only* because of the 60 fps.

    Anything you can say to help me out with timing would be tremendously appreciated.

    1. The 60fps in 720 on the 7D really is garbage in my opinion. You get so much moire and skew in the final image. If your not shooting lines then this probably doesn’t matter to you, but its a huge negative for me.

  5. Phil you had great things to say as always. Its amazing to me how much the DSLR camera has changed the industry already. Stuff has gotten a lot cheaper and more affordable. This has brought filmmaking tools into the hands of many more people. Its not only cut costs but has also increased competition. Many would argue that this is improving the industry…only time will tell.

    I’m DP-ing a documentary film in Nashville about its underground music scene and we are shooting the entire thing on 5dmii and 7d cameras. A prime example of the revolution of DSLRs. Its seems like a fun project and im pretty stoked to work on it. Ya’ll should check it out!


  6. Thanks for all of your hard work. I am a high school Digital Cinema Teacher and we have incorporated this site for educational purposes. The students really benefit from the information to help them establish a foundation in this new technology that is in its infancy and will allow them to take off. Thanks again and I look forward to getting some feedback on the student films coming soon.

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