Cliff Diving in Switzerland

Queensbury Media contacted me a while ago to ask if I would should beauty of shots of the European Cliff Diving Championships in Switzerland. Naturally I said yes and last week I went.

There was no OB, Queensbury had the rights to the event and filming it with two XDCAM 700s, 2 EX1s, 1 of them on a Jib, and underwater FX1 and me and me Ultimate.

I was acutally filming the competition. I did all the beauty shots of the area and filming different looking stuff at the practice session. It’s the second big gig in two weeks that i have done that 700s are the main cams and I am brought in to do something different. Love it, and long may it contunue

I took my EX1, a new Redrock production Matte Box, Letus Ultimate, Zacuto Rods and Vinten tripod. Man was it treacherous out there. Put it this way I came out of this gig well by losing just my Zeiss 100mm T2 Macro lens in the drink!

Mario filming in a very dodge position on the side of a cliff with his new 700! Madman!
David fell in. We all did. You cant see but the front of my shorts are completely split from falling over earlier!
Top bloke Magnus practicing. He came second

shooting into the sun with the Ultimate and Redrock Matte box

A very nice rig!!! And the Matte box truly is wonderful! It is an essential purchase!
My pants!!!!
Hiding my shame!!

The Ex1 on a jib. Gorgeous shots from this!

See the film here.


Derek the director broke his wrist in a fall and a finger in his other hand, We had to cross a river over stepping stones down muddy banks to get to the venue, not fun.


It was worth it though, the shots were great. The redrock Matte box was awesome and the Ultimate as always was perfect!


Take a look at the little short I made to promote the forthcoming coverage and documentary by

In a few hours I get on a plane to Ugra in Siberia for a long postponed trip. I will be there for a week and hope to shoot some great stuff. Two EX1s and my new motion controlled tripod. Very exciting. Shame my Zeiss 100mm is dead, beautiful lens, going to miss it on this trip. Insurance claim is in!


I am also taking with me the new Zacuto follow focus, with gears and whip. Looking forward to using that.


Sorry for delay in latest blog entry, had a few personal issues happening and was not well too but enough of that. Time to shoot more stuff!


Get entering my film competion by the way!!!!



  1. Once again, beautiful imagery Philip…

    I can’t get over the terrain and how you have the guts to bring all that expensive equipment through all of that. But I suppose that the reality is that in order to get the beautiful imagery, one has to have the courage to potentially lose some equipment. Sorry, by the way, to hear about your lens…

    Here is a related question: What kind of insurance do you take on your equipment, and how many times have you actually had to make a claim?

    In any event, excellent work…



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