Bloomfest 3: Deadline tomorrow Midnight US EST

new-logo-bloomfest31-300x225Not long now so hurry up and get those entries in!! There have been some marvelous ones so far. I am so impressed! But more than that, I feel proud and humbled by the sheer quality of the work entered. I was worried that nobody would bother entering and this would be the last “Bloomfest” but maybe will do another one as there has been a great response.

I want to put out a big thank you to everyone, especially Peg Futrell and XR for their hard work, and also all those people who have made a film for the first time. Well done, am so proud of you!!!

Here is a small selection of the very different films currently entered. At the last count it was 35. Please visit the main page to see them all!

[xr_video id=”75dca3b6aed0407ca44dd67e0113812f” size=”lrm”] [xr_video id=”6e0ca5121d844b1889f4275c1db762bd” size=”lrm”] [xr_video id=”bfdda1c47d454b98889357179f250824″ size=”lrm”][xr_video id=”38bfefa25bcd48d28d45bfb638fdcc7a” size=”lrm”] [xr_video id=”0efe7b94536f4e46930210847ba69aea” size=”lrm”] [xr_video id=”97e9a9237f2f42929504d7aa8474a15b” size=”lrm”] [xr_video id=”5790090a45cb4e42ab1ae2f57d115f63″ size=”lrm”]


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