Zacuto DSLR Shootout available for download

You can now download and watch the Zacuto Shootout rather than just stream it. Click on vimeo logo bottom right of each video and follow the download link (as long as you are a member)…enjoy!! Episode 3 available shortly.



  1. Very interesting to see the results and the differences. It really is amazing to see how far digital has come, getting that one step closer each time to film capabilities. And as someone mentioned in the video it is difficult to call it video now, it is digital film 🙂 Thx for the upload, great stuff

  2. as much as I love vimeo, their download servers do not play nice with standalone downloader apps that help you with resumable downloads, slow internet, etc. 🙁

    Maybe when I visit the States next month I’ll remember to do it there.

  3. “This file cannot be downloaded anymore today” lol. Would it be terrible for someone to upload this to a p2p site like demonoid or isohunt?

  4. Ive only watched the third episode and it was great. I think I’ll be getting the T2i within the next couple of months. Even though the conclusion is evident beforehand (the DSLRs don’t look like film yet) I think that’s not even a drawback. What I mean is that a few years ago cameras were so expensive that I thought I would never be able to shoot anything in my life but nowadays there’s this cameras that have the potential to almost match film for a price that’s very accesible. The difference exists but the fact that the experts have to look so close to find them is a majorpoint in favor. I know that in a few years a new model will come out and have all the specs we are wishing cameras today to have, but if I start thinking like that I’ll never buy anything.

  5. Already downloaded when they first came out (in Safari hit View->Activity, and then option double-click the file) but thanks for the heads up!

    Now we just need some uncompressed PNG screen grabs!

  6. That was really informative. Thanks for posting that. Philip, what were the settings used on the 7d/5d in terms of picture style, contrast, sharpness, saturation??? I wonder how having “highlight tone priority” engaged would have affected some of the footage. Thanks again.

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