Z7 overview and other bits of gear from Mitcorp

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As you may know I make the odd review, overview, how to, how not to etc videos for CVP Mitcorp.

This week I did a review of the Z7, S270, TLS tripod plate, Lite panel micro and CVP shoulder mount. You can see them on the reviews page and of course on this page.

Not the best presenter in the world, but he was all they could find. To be honest I much prefer being behind the camera. I hope you find them useful and enjoy them!

[vimeo 1664658]

[vimeo 1658385]

[vimeo 1658379]

[vimeo 1658373]


  1. Hi Philip,

    I appreciate the overview of the z7, and the comments on the rolling shutter. What cameras have you been using for your wedding films…have you run into any flash issues while covering those events if you’ve been using rolling shutter cameras? Also, have you used the z7 much (real world use), and have any comparisons to the ex series beyond just the technical issues like 1/2″ vs 1/3″ chip, and xdcam codec? Thanks in advance!


  2. Yes, the flash issues are what I was worried about. Thank you for the confirmation that it was an issue. I like to take nice slow zooms during the pre and post ceremony photo-shoots and as you can guess, a lot of flashes would be going off and would cause issues with the usability of the footage. Well I guess Pany is going to get another look! Has anyone ever asked Sony why the rolling shutter when they can make a CMOS with global?

  3. i bought a z7 about 3 years ago after i watched this video, i had been looking at it for a while and this made me make my mind up. it is a great camera and i have had a good time with this camera BUT i am having trouble transfering file and videos now because of the fire wire …. my old laptop is broke and the new one i have hasnt none of the new laptop has them not even a slot … any advice . also is there any camera that is between the pmw EX3 and the F3. I shoot coperate, festival and wedding videos . if i dont get any way round my Z& issue i am buying a new camera need some options please

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