Vimeo goes ipad/ iphone embed friendly

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Great news, finally we can now (or will soon) be able to do HTML 5 embeds of our Vimeo HD videos. Especially great as Vimeo now no longer chargers for HD embeds if you are a Plus member. It will mean getting new embed tags for all your embeds but finally my site will be totally ipad and iphone friendly. Really pleased about this as it has been a right pain not being able to view embeds on the Apple devices due the whole Flash thing. Read more here.

The one things that is frustrating is it is iframe for the embed code and if you swtich between html viewer and visual viewer the code vanishes. Anyone have a solution for this?

You don’t have to manually change all your codes though..there is a trick…at the bottom of any posts with vimeo embeds on put this in and it will change it for you! <script src=””></script>


Monument Valley from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

For a full description of shoot and gear please visit my website and also a 12 minute commentary.


Clock from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Short film of one object….a clock.

Shot on the 1DmkIV using various lenses including 100mm Macro, 17mm Tilt Shift and a Lensbaby composer.

Timelapse done of 7D and 1DmkIV

Music is by NiN from the Ghosts album track 1-2

Shot as part of my weekend challenge to shoot a short film based around one object.


  1. Great shoots, those. Clock is inspiring and concepts like that are incredibly difficult to pull off well.

    I like Vimeo a great deal, they’re a million times better than YouTube for people like us, in my opinion. They’re a filmmaker’s community not just a video sharing site. Good to see this feature, when we all clamoured for it they didn’t let the addicts down!!

    I am glad you have got the login system sorted out, so no more pesky casual trolling comments from anonymous nuts I HOPE!

    Peace & Love

  2. Noticed this by accident when embedding something – great news. Took me a while to realise that you have to go into settings and click the checkbox for ‘Make mobile versions of all my videos’. Otherwise, you’ll get a ‘Sorry, there is no mobile version available for this video’.

  3. I recommend this to fix the WordPress / iFrame issue

    iFrame is not an idea solution but until HTML 5 becomes a standard across every single computer and mobile device, Vimeo have to use a universal standard as a work-around, and trigger the appropriate kind of player depending on what browser and machine they detect.

    If it were up to Apple it’d be as simple as using the HTML5 tag!! Alas, Adobe are not that smart.

  4. Only its not iphone friendly, I’m on the basic service and my videos say “mobile vimeo is only for plus users” or something like that…

    I’m not sure why they went to all the trouble of recoding in html5 when they block off free access on the iphone?? odd.

    1. it does work on the iphone…your own videos wont work unless you are a plus member. It’s pretty cheap to go on plus and you get loads of other extra features including not having to wait to get it encoded. Always quick and you can upload almost as much as you want.

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