Meet ups in Toronto, Buffalo and Key West!

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LOCATION CHANGE IN KEY WEST DUE TO BAD WEATHER: come to Reach Resort at Bottom of Simonton Street, the Strip Club inside

I will be coming to the US and Canada weekend after next and be there for a number of weeks. When working in places abroad I try to arrange a meet up in each city. It’s a great way for people of similar interests to meet each other. So far I have had meet ups in Chicago, Boston, LA (twice), Toronto, NY, San Rafael, Oslo, Prague, Scottsdale.

Although I will be in Toronto, Buffalo, St Petersburg, Key West, Philadelphia, Boston and Lewiston in Idaho.  I am not sure if I will have the time to do meet ups in each place due to my work commitments. Only one confirmed so far is the one in Key West, Florida. Not exactly easy to get to, either a flight or a longish drive from Miami but it will be worth it. I want to make this a much more hands on meet up. Starting in Mallory Square with the street performers and sunsets bring your cameras and make a film of it. Then we go to Sloppy Joe’s to get drunk. Perfect! Eric Kessler from Kessler Crane will be there and we will have some toys with us.

It’s happening on the 29th June, starting at Mallory Square. Time to be confirmed. Jon Connor and Cristina Valdivieso from will be there too. Let’s make this the most unique and interesting meet up yet. Make it a mini break. Stay a couple of nights. I will be doing lots of filming around the town. I can’t wait. Oh yeah. I forgot. My good friend Tom Guilmette from will be there!!

For the other locations I will post the info here, so keep checking this blog.

If you are interested in a meet up in ones of the above locations let me know below…if your town isn’t listed please don’t suggest one there as I can only do meet up in places where I am working, so as soon as I get a job there I will do the meet up! 🙂

EDIT: Here is a little video i shot on the GH1 at 50mb/s of the Chicken Wing Buffalo meet up!

Buffalo Hot Wings from Some Like It Shot on Vimeo.

Thanks to Rob Imbs for organising the Buffalo meet up!!


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  1. toronto, oh please let it be.
    i tried to get into your HDSLR crash course, but it was full by the time i heard about it =( still gonna be at the expo tho, and a meet up would be amazing!

  2. Funny to see Lewiston on your list of potentials. I assume this is Lewiston, Maine? I grew up there but I’s more likely to make it to your Key West Meet Up since I live in South Florida.

  3. “So far I have had meet ups in Chicago, Boston, …” (sorry, I was so looking forward to a Chicago meetup that my eyes seemed to have deleted the word “had” in that sentence). Oh well, maybe you can come again one day in the future. Maybe meet along the lakefront, where we can all have some scenery to shoot while hanging out.

  4. Buffalo? Ha. I lived there for years….the only thing that meets up in Buffalo is mutual depression, you can find it at the corner of Misery and Despair! Go Bills!

  5. St. Pete! Do it philip, come on. Its still a 2 and a half hour drive for me but much better than Key west! (7 hrs!… And i live in Florida!)

  6. hey Philip, St. Pete needs your love!
    seriously, if you do the meet-up on a friday night
    i think i have a cool location for you.
    if you don’t do the meet-up, still drop me an e-mail
    i just shot a TV story at a place you might want to use as
    a location for you seminar

  7. Ok… So I will pickup your bar tab for one or two nights in Idaho… It could be the smallest meet ever, as it looks like I’m the only one who has inquired about Idaho.


  8. I will be at the Key West meet-up for sure. It’s going to be quite the drive from Miami but, well worth it! Phil, you should definitely check Miami out while you’re down there if have the time.

  9. I’m down for Key West if I do not get booked on a gig. I live in Miami. My 7year old daughter lives in KW with her mom. Her grand parents own an art gallery on Duval st. which is the main strip. Guild Hall Gallery.

    Let us know the dates as soon as you have them.


  10. Three words….COME TO DALLAS. lol.

    Lewiston…how funny. A very small rural town at the far corners of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. I went to Broadcasting school just north of that in Pullman. In fact, I’ll forward this so the broadcasting school up there. It’s the Edward R Murrow School of Communication. I bet you get quite a few responses that way.

  11. Would love to make the drive over from Western MT if a Lewiston meet-up happens and the dates work. Just dipping into the DSLR pool after years of news and “big cam” creative shooting and would love a chance to talk shop for a bit. (Now shooting Tsi, HVX170/200 and HPX 300… we got it before the shutter problems were publicized. Bummer.)

  12. Hy Bloom you wrote

    “Shot on the Panasonic GH1 at 50mbs motion JPEG at 800 ISO with fast shutter speed.”

    50mbs ??? Thats right ?

    I download the specification for the GH1 and says FHD: 17 Mbps for Full HD.

    Motion JPEG is just QVGA, WVGA and HD 720p 30fps

    Thanks in advance !!!

  13. Yum! I’m so glad I’m cooking some enchiladas right now – I’m drooling like Pavlovs dog ‘ere!! Nice looking footage. Like the music too – more food based films please, something sweet for pudding? : ) ATB, Adam

  14. When the hell are you coming over (In Paris) for a meeting ????
    So you ask to get a job in France for that…
    SO if you have a job for me in video editing I’ll get one for you @ Wanda Production. ahahah
    Think about that mate.

  15. 😀 at least, Pepê, you’re the only one who talked about the video Mr Bloom shot with his hacked GH1!
    So Mr Bloom, what’s your impressions of you “new” GH1?

  16. Phillip,

    I am just returning from Amsterdam shooting spots for NCL’s new ship the “EPIC”!!! I will be back home in Miami as well as Sugarloaf Key (17 miles north of Key West). Considering meeting up with you guys and if you are interested going to the Gulf side sand banks that will get you spectacular sunsets and secluded backcountry shots. Email me direct (prio[at] let me know your schedule.

  17. Anyone looking to carpool down to Key West from Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach area? I’ve got a car, just would love someone to talk shop with for a few extra hours.

  18. Phil,
    When is the meet up in Toronto? Would love to meet you – I passed your name onto a few of the ASC guys last year – 2 years ago? – time flies. And find your blog so helpful – yes, I am a fan too.

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