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This is quite some time off but the event in New Orleans in October has already sold out.

I have quite bizarrely, but flatteringly been asked to be a guest speaker at this 3 day event in Austin, Texas on April the 27th through till the 29th. There will also be workshops which I guess I will be doing. But come on, do you really think I am going to give you any of my secrets? I don’t think so. I will be showing you how to do everything wrong and be quietly cackling as I do it!

The concept is to show how cool event filmmaking can be, although I am not an event filmmaker myself. I have shot some weddings for friends but that’s all (you can see some here) I did consider whoring myself out doing this for cash but I realised that it was all too much like hard work for me and thought I best leave it to the pros who do it day in day out. I have so much respect for what they do. It’s the hardest gig I have done!

The SUPREMELY talented Patrick Moreau of Still Motion in Canada is my warm up act (or more likely the other way around) He is basically just about the best wedding filmmaker out there and if somehow a woman drugged me enough/ hexed my into marrying her he would be my goto guy…his stuff is simply breathtaking.

I think the plan is that I am going to talk about ways to improve the quality of your cinematography. Bringing uber cool Bloom-vision(tm) to your work. All I request is, yes you guessed it, a percentage! Please wire the money to Zurich Bank account number: 5739210532. Thanks.

It would be great to see you chaps and ladies there, even if it is just so you can buy me a nice Martini. It is my plan to go through the entire event with a Martini in my hand and be pleasantly merry, all with the help of you, my public. Dirty is preferable. Thanks.

I will also be bringing my Letus Infinity (the successor to the Ultimate) as well as my EX5. So I can get some great shots of Austin and if anyone can recommend cool place within a Englishman’s tolerance of driving (about 20 minutes) from Austin that would be wicked.

A bit closer to now I am almost certainly going to be attending the XDCAM roadshow next month in Dublin, Glasgow and London. I would come to the Manchester one but I will be in Siberia, sorry. In fact I will only just make it back for the Dublin one. This is not 100 percent confirmed. So I will get back to you.

Also on the 4th November I will be addressing the Reading Filmmakers society event to talk about how amazing I am and how you should all give me lots of money for being amazing. You can visit their website here

I am still waiting for other offers to come through. So if you have a conference in Hawaii, Seychelles, Maldives, Gold-Coast, Tobago, Cayman Islands, Rio, New York…well you get the idea. Let me know! I am cheap, well cheaper than my old rival Marty Scorsese. Oh Marty, this rivalry must end. Let’s just be friends dude! Just accept that you are not as talented as me!


  1. i look forward to seeing you there! plenty of places to get great shots of Austin. lots of landmarks, great terrain (hill country), interesting people (lots of the inked and hippis), and it’s known as the Live Music Capital of the World, so there’s always a free outdoor concert to get some imagery.

    and if you need some stereotypical texas, i know a family with a thoroughbred farm within your radius of preference.

  2. I will see you here in Austin! I love this city and I’m excited that everyone is coming to visit, or maybe a bit scared since everyone will want to move here once they see how awesome it is! haha. Maybe we’ll get a chance to go and shoot at a few of my favorite places around the city.

  3. I am looking foward also to seeing you in Texas in April 2009, but if you ever make it to NYC I would love to show you the city.


    Lubomyr “Lou” Kulynych

  4. Bonjour Philip,

    Did you hear about New Caledonia??? A pearl in the Pacific Ocean,,,

    This place is a jewel of biodiversity, underwater as well as on land,

    Over here we are 2 persons trying to create short movies with Ex1 and Letus Extrem,

    In 2009, we have an annual festival in july lasting 1 week of short movies, are you interested to come and meet us?

    Please let me know if you are interested,

    Jean Michel Bore

  5. Having spent 7 weeks in Noumea New Caledonia filming a slew of Kanak (the indigenous population) festivals (for the MET museum in NYC), you should absolutely get out there if you can. Totally recommend it! Get out to Lifou as well, one of the outer islands.

  6. Ciao Philip, do you have exact dates for the XDCAM roadshow in London? (I googled it, but could not find anything)

    I would love to come up from Paris to check that out… I’m purchasing the Sony EX1 this week (before the July 1st price hike in the UK).

    Anyhow, keep up the great work!

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