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Had a crazy 3 weeks trying to get the 5dmkII DVD finished and just done the WEVA show and just shot a DVD for the 7d. So it’s been manic. Please send me your email again if I haven’t replied and I promise to reply as soon as I can. Please email and I will reply as soon as possible!


  1. Philip, I have been following your work for quite some time. It’s amazing, your dedication to visual creation!

    I am wondering how you compare the GH1 and the new Canon EOS 7D. I have always been a Canon fan , but since seeing your videos have been very intrigued by the GH1.

    What is your take?

  2. Philip, I love your work! What YOU can do with DSLR videography is amazing!

    A while ago you explained how to slow 50p footage using Mpeg Streamclip and Cinema Tools. Being a student I only have the affordable Final Cut Express which doesn’t include CT. Do you know of a way to read every single frame of a 50p footage in FCE?

    Looking forward to the 7d-dvd! 🙂

  3. hi philip,
    like chris, i’m interested in your opinion of how the 7D compares with the GH1.
    i mean in all areas, image quality, ease of use, how the image holds up being graded etc

  4. Hey Philip,

    I love the site and appreciate all the help! I am going to buy your DVD on using the Canon Mark 2, but I have two questions.

    Are you making a DVD for the 7d and should I wait for that one instead of buying your current?

    I have a boxing documentary series kind of like the HBO 24/7 series I have to do. I want to use the 7d with the Canon lenses I currently have. My issue is the rolling shutter and jello effect. I’m afraid that the shots of the sparring sessions and the boxers punching the bags will be effected. Especially with the rolling shutter. What do you think?

    Best regards,

    Ali Villavicencio

    1. I am doing a 7d one. If you are buying or have a 7d one then wait for that, it will be two to three weeks before it is ready.

      Boxing might be a struggle with rolling shutter, but I believe, but have not tested yet, 50p/60p rolling shutter problems. They may be a lot less pronounced which would be great for you as it give you option for slow motion too.

  5. Hey Phillip, I have the 7d and am looking forward to the release of your instructional DVD. Question: I want to purchase a great lens but not sure which one to get. Camera will be for personal home movies so i will be using it hand held. I have heard so many good things about the Canon 35mm 1.4L. Do you recommend it or should I try and find a good lens with IS? Thanks,

              1. Sorry, It’s the jewish new year and I assumed you were jewish (jewish name, a bit jewish looking, and I could have sworn I watched a film of yours about a jewish family).

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