Someone is again, REALLY not happy about the latest Canon news!!

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He wasn’t happy when the 7D was announced. This time he is REALLY upset. Click here to see last time he was upset!

Sorry, I know these Downfall parodies have been done to death but I couldn’t resist!!

Just a word of warning. There is the odd F word in there, so don’t watch if easily offended!
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  1. Normally, Philip, I’d agree and say, not another Downfall YouTube vid? But (for the small number of us that get it) it was extremely well done; just loved the bit about having the right camera in the first place. Thanks for this, you made me grin like an ape.

  2. Brilliant Phil! You just summed up my last 2 years of waiting for the 3K for $3K Scarlet experience… 2 years later, her pricetag went up and she still won’t put out… I mean she’s not been released yet!

    Cheers from a guy shooting with a Canon and Sony, wearing a Red T-shirt as a pajamatop while late-night perusing the forum for a crumb of official non-speculative Scarlet data like a lost soul caught in a Scarlet Red vaporware limbo!

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