Short Film: Return to Dungeness


Just over a year ago I went to Dungeness with the Letus Extreme and EX1. A stunning place on the South Coast of England, there’s nothing else like it. Totally unique. From the monolithic Nuclear power station to the tiny cottages, the derelict sheds and boats…it’s just a magnificent place to film.

I went back there on Sunday and dragged my dad along, so he could spend some quality time with me 😉 and so I could have a subject for my film. I told him this when we got down there!

This time I took with me the Sony EX3 and the lovely little Cinemek G35…mind you not so little on the EX3 with fully rigged up on my Zacuto system…


The great thing about the Cinemek G35 is it has no moving parts, so a lot less to go wrong. It also produces a stunning film like image. Not as sharp as the Letus Ultimate or as light efficient, but a totally different look. Like using a different film stock and that is completely what I was going for today.

I also love the way this adaptor looks on the EX3 with the Zacuto rig, like a rocket launcher. Damn sexy (for geeks anyway!)


Originally I graded this black and white then half way through realised it would look so much better with a dirt 70’s grade to it. I am making a short “how to” film, about how I did this with Magic Bullet Looks, for RGTV which will be available soon. All the vignettes are done in the grade.

The film stars both myself and my dad and has a semi-narrative to it, about our similarities ut also our differences…hope that doesn’t sound pretentiious.


You can see the short film by clicking here or by click the above image

You can also see a short clip explaining how I shoot with the G35 on the EX3 below

and my personal blog about this shoot is here


[xr_video id=”e64aed34b4ca41098e01b0ac7d54949a” size=”lrm”]


My VERY cold Dad!

r0011631Mark Dawson of Londonmark films also joined me for the last couple of hours. You can see his cool short film here

He shot on the XDCAM F350



  1. Stirring and funny. And glad you went color. I also love the gentle vignetting (the Cinemek?). I get a similar result with my make-shift relay lens: a Nikkor 24mm with an Adaptimax adapter…it feels like it cuts the weight of the camera in half! Thanks for the inspiration. Ed

  2. After just recovering your website I am already a big fan of your work and very glad that you are so open to share your behind the scene informations!
    I got a lot of usefull information that will help me in future to shot with my new EX3 I just bought recently…

    Thanx 🙂

  3. Hi..
    Just want to say its so great to see Dungeness thru your lens. It is one of my favorite places on the planet and its cool to find that others appreciate it too.

    I’ve been tracking with you since I was with PBS in Minnesota, now I’m freelance so more time to pursue my passions.. but as we all know there are other challenges..
    Anyways I wanted to say how much I appreciate that you are passing on your skills and tips thru this website and via the FStop Academy.

  4. HI Philip,
    Katie in The High Peak who you got your Siamese babies from! Stumbled across your name on a book on ebay while searching for some literature on my new 7D. Wonderful films, I have been lost in them all morning, Favorite has to be “Return to Dungeness” love everything it stands for.
    Hope you are all well hugs to Bertie & Percy x

  5. Hi Phil,
    How close would it be possible to get that look using just color grading, and how much of an effect does the G35 have that can’t be replaced in post?
    I just got a 7D (sophomore in college, just coming off of the school’s HV30 camcorders), and I’m just learning about and playing with color grading…
    don’t know much about lens adapters yet.

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