Short Film in Austin: Wondrous Place

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dsc_0338I went out shooting in Austin, TX with Jake and Benji to get some shots to make a short. 

Then I saw this fella, asked if he minded being filmed, he didn’t and when I got back I couldn’t cut him with anything else! He was just too cool. So he gets his own little short!

Don’t even know his name!

Shot on the EX3, Letus Ultimate with 1/2″ Relay and 17-35mm Nikon f2.8 zoom and the Zeiss Nikon 100mm f2 Macro. Shot at 60fps overcrank with some shots slowed to 50% with Twixtor.

Thanks to Jake Rutherford of for the photos.

wondrous-place-wholeClick to see the little short here

It was great to have the Letus 1/2″ Relay back. What a great lens and way to shoot!



  1. i’m always surprised to see you never seem to use a matte box, is that mainly to lighten the load for travel or you dont feel there are benefits for you shoots?

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