San Francisco Meet Up (and various others hopefully)



I will be back in the USA tomorrow, for about 7 weeks. Starting in Northern California with Lucasfilm at Skywalker Ranch again then down to LA at the start of March, then over to Austin for South by South West Film Festival then back to Skywalker again. Phew.

I would love to try and meet as many people as possible in this time. I was supposed to have a meet up in San Rafael in December but weather and schedule conspired against me.

Location and time confirmed! This Friday at 8pm!

The Flatiron Saloon
724 B St
San Rafael, CA 94901

If you are interested can you post your interest below in the comments? The ones in Chicago and Toronto were a lot of fun and met a lot of great people. Bring your cameras if you can. Should be a lot of fun. Sara Collaton will be there too, if she gets her passport back in time!

I really enjoy these meet-ups as I have made a lot of friends online and it’s great to put names to faces and show that as good as the internet is, there is nothing better than getting a group of like minded people in a room together with booze and cameras!!

It’s also great to see such a cross section of people at these meet-ups. Professionals, amateurs, students and people like Peter Hitchcock below who has been in the business for 40+ years starting with Thunderbirds.

Here are some incredibly unflattering photos I took at the Toronto meet up with the amazing new 14mm Canon F2.8 lens. Just don’t use it for portraits like me 😉

Details for the LA and other meet ups will be posted on my blog when I get a better ideas of dates.






The lovely Peter Hitchcock who used to work on Thunderbirds


  1. San Rafael sounds great…I would love a chance to chat with you, hopefully by then we will know lots more about the new Canon T2i camera for video. I am seriously thinking of moving my entire video production business in the direction of these Video DSLRs but had been looking at the 7D, now with the T2i at such a remarkable price I am having to rethink. In any case, the Legends video is remarkable – VERY cinematic and a prime example of the kind of work I hope to be able to produce in the coming years.

  2. Philip,

    A couple of options:

    The Broken Drum Brewery on 4th in San Rafael


    Moylans (which brews a fine pint, I do say) in Novato which is about 10 minutes north in Novato.

    Will be good to get together. Looking forward to it.


  3. Philip,

    Let us know if the Bay Area Professional Videographers Association can help you arrange for your Meetup. I am the Programs Director and would be more than happy to help in anyway. My email address is attached to this comment. You can also reach me at 925-337-1958.


    Dan O’Hara
    O’Hara Films
    BAPVA – Programs Director

  4. Marin is beautiful, but neither BART nor MUNI go there. There is a place called PariSoma… they cater to high-end professionals in SOMA SF. Lots of great meetups there. If you need help organizing, I would be happy to help.
    (415) POD-SURF

  5. I’m very interested in the meet up in bay area. I think I can make Friday Feb 19th in San Rafael. Is 4th St. Tavern the place? Looking forward to it.
    Thanks Philip!

  6. I’m an event documentarian, videographer and producer working in corporate, professional associations, and social media R&D, as well as a member of the Bay Area Professional Videographers Association. I’m geared toward prosumer video livestreaming to share the moment in real-time to convert remote observers into participants and contributors. At the same time, I love the whole craft of picture making.

    Rich Reader

  7. Thunderbirds wow thats awesome. Always nice to know such famous people follow your stuff. It is my ultimate goal to come to one of these meet ups or courses in the next year. Have been following you since end of 2007 before I went to Kenya to train!! just didn’t comment very much as I knew not much about video. You and Prolost (Stu) have taught me a lot over the past 3 years.

  8. I will be waiting for news on the LA meet up. I am very excited to meet. I’ve following your work on your website and through zacuto. Any word on who got the greatest gig on earth for the Lucas ranch camera op gig? I applied thats why. Also does your website notify my email address when you reply?
    See ya soon.

  9. I’m looking forward to Friday and glad you can do it this time! Looks like some good fog shots early on in the mornings now. After Friday there might be some light rain/showers in the forecast. Hope it doesn’t hinder what you have to do.

  10. Hey Philip I would love to come, I am only 18 however, just want to make sure this wont be a problem. Do you know if the Flatiron is 21 and over after a certain time?

    – Stephen Doyle

  11. Philip,
    You’ve finally come to my home town. Hope to see you tomorrow night. I just heard you were looking for an EX-1 shooter here last week. Too bad I was out of town. Do you get thrown out of the bar if you show up with an outdated EX-1 instead of a Canon? How about a pixelvision cam? What if I wander in just with two old fashioned biological eyeballs?

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