First short with Canon Rebel T2i/ 550D and Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly Traveller

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I am currently in Palm Springs, about to head back up to Marin County and yesterday I did my first proper filming with my little Rebel T2i and I really put it through it’s paces. Exposing it to the harsh, hot, dirty Salton Sands south of Palm Springs.

Kit wise I used the camera, 1 32gb Kingston card, 1 16gb Transcend card, a manfrotto tripod, Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly Traveller, Manfrotto 701 HDV head, Canon 100m F2.8L MACRO, 50mm F1.2L, 70-200 F2.8L IS, Tokina 11-16 F2.8, Zacuto Z-Finder and some fader NDS/ Vari NDS.

Salton Sea is very dirty, salty and sandy. Not the ideal environment for a consumer camera but it worked just fine. I had a few overheat warning issues after about 2 hours solid shooting in the sun and a couple of times the buffer ran out for the card and it stopped recording. First time I have seen this.

Image wise I have no idea if it’s better or worse than the 7D. I would literally have to shoot side by side and compare. Certainly from what I got I am very happy with the image out of the camera. I missed the extra dial, the dial in white balance, the mid ISOs and the top LCD panel. I really hate pressing a button and rotating a dial to get my iris to what I want it at. But these are niggly issues. Nothing major.

I also used the Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly Traveller again. I actually did have play with the crank and it was actually quite useful, still as mentioned on the Above Skywalker blog the belt in itself helps so much in keeping it dead silent. It really performed superbly. Very happy with the moves.

Aspect ratio is 2.55:1  Wider than I have tried before. All cropped in post. Grading done with Magic Bullet Looks. Get 20% off with code Bloom20 at

Sound wise everything is foley. I forgot to bring my Rode Video Mic…anyway it was fun digging around Soundtrack Pro and for the right-ish sounds.

So how was my experience? Pretty good, apart from the odd overheating no real problems. I really enjoyed shooting with but as an owner of a 7D I missed a lot of the ergonomics and shooting in a place like that I would have felt happier with the extra protection it offers. All in all though an amazing camera for $800!!

Music is by the great Ry Cooder from the movie “Paris, Texas”

Salton Sea Beach from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot on a Canon Rebel T2i and a Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly Traveller

Music by Ry Cooder

Shot on location at Salton Sea Beach, CA


  1. Nice! There isnt a noticeable difference between this footage and what i’ve seen from the 7D, so like you said, you’d have to do a side by side comparison. Even so, I doubt there would be much difference.

  2. Once again, beautiful! Foley sounded great as well.

    Do you usually pick the music after you shoot, or do you have a good idea of what you want before you start?

  3. Wow, very nice. It does look amazing!

    I am planning on getting a 550d soon and will be shooting actors during a screen acting workshop this summer at the Actors Space in Barcelona.

    What is the best lens for filming actors in simple intimate scenes?

    Great website and very inspiring work


  4. Good video really shows off the 550D, no excuses for anyone now. Glad it worked out in the conditions. Didn’t like the first foley sounds, they sounded out of place but once the music came on it just fit. Like something out of “Black Snake Moan”.

  5. Once again Philip you have done it again you the man!!! I’m proud owning a 550d after seeing this short, you are a video genius Keep up the good work. One question Philip how do you keep your exposure constant cause everytime you move the camera the exposure jumps dramatically specially outdoors, do you mostly keep your shots static to work around this issue. I think a lot of people are have the same problem cheers.

  6. I have watched several of your posted videos and this has been my favorite one thus far. The sounds and sparse instrumentals that you mixed really let this location tell its story. I kept expecting Uma Thurman to jump through the trailer with Darrel Hanna in tow. This was definitely a great way to kick off shooting with the new Canon.

  7. Philip:

    once again superb work. I met you at the Los Angeles workshop which was well presented and very informative.

    I’ve been at this (directing, writing, producing) for many years. You are truly gifted and an inspiration.


    Kevin Knoblock

  8. I really enjoyed that. I love pretty much all of your work but that actually might be my favorite from you. The music and the sounds along with the beautifully desolate imagery just really worked very well for me. Every shot is as brilliant as the last. That is a great example of well done DOF too, which many can go overboard on. Main thing here is great filmmaking is great filmmaking. It doesn’t matter what you spend on your gear, its what you go out and do with it. I could keep babbling on but I’ll shut up now. I loved this.

  9. I’ve been following your blog for over a month. I just graduated college and feel I’ve learned more from your blog than I did in three years. Your body of work is astounding. I recently picked up my t2i because of your reviews. Now if I could get my view looking half as good as yours I’d be happy. At least I know it isn’t the camera’s fault. Thanks for setting the bar really high. Great video as always.

  10. Thanks Philip,
    I love most of your videos and I like this one the most! Why? Because its beautiful, like everything you do but its with a $900 Canon Rebal T2i! You give us all something to aspire to, I love your videos and from this one I know, I can do it to!

  11. Finally had a moment to try out the T2i for a few hours this afternoon.

    After just an hour of shooting a series of 12 minute clips in a cool indoor setting, the overheat warning came on and stayed on until the camera was powered down for 15 minutes. The same thing happened again a short time later.

    Is anyone else experiencing this situation?

  12. Une autre merveille de la part de MR. BLOOM…C’ est fou comme on arrive à sentir, à deviner la matière, le sable, le métal et la rouille sont juste devant nous, sur l’ écran de l’ ordinateur…Au sujet des différents cadrages, ce sont de véritables peintures d’ artistes…
    Merci beaucoup Philip, vous êtes sans arrêt pour nous une nouvelle source d’ inspiration…
    Bien amicalement,
    ps : it’s a Google translation…cheers…

    Another wonder from MR. BLOOM … It is amazing how we come to feel, to guess the material, sand, metal and rust are just ahead on the screen of the computer … About the different frames, this are real paintings of artists …
    Thank you very much Philip, you’re constantly for us a new source of inspiration …
    ps: it’s a Google translation … cheers …

  13. Nice one Philip… Couple of questions if I may –

    1) When you’re filming something like this and plan to crop down to 2.55:1 (or whatever) in post – how do you do you framing on the shoot? Black tape across the LCD? If so, can you still do that when shooting with something like the Z-Finder, and how do you know where to stick the tape (accurately)?

    2) Were you using anything to do the pull focusing, or are you just very proficient at hitting your mark when simply rotating the SLR lens focusing barrel bit?


  14. Wow… I thought the “foley” was great! I didn’t even know what it was until I read about it in your post and did a google search. I was looking for mention of the h4n and a redhead… instead I found a great new sound resource site! Wow! Loved it!

  15. This is one of my fav bits of work from you Phil, I got the impression from watching this that you enjoyed filming it more than some other focused stuff. Done with relaxed feeling….. 3 mins of my life definitely not wasted. Great to be talking about the work instead of the camera again.


  16. Great work as usual! Try uploading a bad one once in a while cause right now, you make it look too easy!

    And not a negative observation but more of a personal preference; I am not a big fan of the aspect ratio you chose. I have no problem with it in the theatres but online it looks like a banner. I would have liked to have seen a little more vertically.

    Again, great work and thanks for being a DSLR film pioneer!

  17. Hi Phillip.

    Incredible stuff… again.

    I’m very interesting about the pocket dolly system. Could you explain exactly the pieces you use to mount it?

    I use a Manfrotto 501 head. What do I need to attach the Pocket Dolly Traveler to it? And what I need to attach this one to the tripod? I have a 525MVB Manfrotto.

    Amazing blog. Thanks in advance

  18. Bloom-
    Salton Sea is one of your best yet, terrific piece. Actually we met at Clive’s in Austin before sxsw and I really appreciate your taking the time to chat. Again, thank you for all that you do for this industry. If you’re in Austin again in the summer make sure you get down to the Comal River in New Braunfels, the toobing capital of the world (aka, butthole-surfing). Cheers mate!

  19. Hi Phillip, been following your progress for the past year or so since I purchased my 5dMk2 and I’m enjoying it very much (you and the camera 🙂 )! I’m currently in the market for a video head and I had been eying the Manfrotto 501HDV, but I see you’re using the 701 in this clip, which is about half the weight and $65 less expensive.

    The T2i body is also nearly half the weight of the 5d though. So which one do you think is better suited for me?

    Currently I’ve got the 24-70 f2.8L but I intend to get some longer stuff, maybe up to 300mm in the future. I’d like to be able to support that as well when I do.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  20. Philip,

    Next time you want to visit the Salton Sea, post that you are doing so ahead of time. I have many years of shooting in the Salton Sea and could guide you the to the strangest of it all. It’s one of the weirdest places on the planet! Every time I go out there, it’s changed just a bit.
    Nice work there and love the Ry Cooder piece you chose for the short.

  21. Amazing Philip, I certainly agree, with the other guys, I think this short is my favorite, I just got the t2i because of the same image quality as 7d, and I plan on investing heavily in glass, what would you suggest? getting Canon lenses or go directly with Zeiss primes, I plan on spending up to 4,000 for the entire kit, but I need to make a wise choice. Regards

  22. Really like the color grading in this one. You always find such interesting place to shoot, very cool. I can’t believe that all the sound was edited in, great edit job. Aside from ergonomics and the absence of several knobs or dials, I would say the 550D is a pretty great camera. Might have to get one as a backup.

  23. Philip, I’d also like to chime in and reiterate that this is the best work you’ve ever done. I’ve watched nearly every video you’ve posted, and it’s been amazing to see your stylistic evolution. But this video absolutely blew me away. You know when something is great when all of a sudden you don’t care what kind of camera it was shot on or what lens you were using. It transcends technology. The imagery is absolutely majestic. When we speak of 24 frames per second, we often forget that they are indeed “frames”. Each frame in this video is truly a thing of beauty unto its own. You’ve created a mood-piece, enriched by the post-apocalyptic setting and seemingly nourished by the hand of Dali himself. Bravo, Philip.

  24. Thanks Bloomster for just re-enforcing the fact that this is a great choice for my first DSLR and it’s capabilities will far exceed my skill for some time. Looking forward to more shorts shot with this, always love seeing what you do next. Lee

  25. Not only do I really enjoy your work, but I especially appreciate how much you share about what’s going on as you create the work. It’s a real source of inspiration for those of us out here that just really enjoy dabbling as a form of our own creative expression. Thanks!

  26. Again, very nice work Philip. Your sound design/natural sound along with the music choice really made this piece evocative of place. I’ve been several times to the Salton Sea and you certainly captured the desolation.

  27. Awesome stuff, as always!

    I’m interested to know what long term effects, if any, the camera suffers from the environment you shot in. Having done a number of runs out to Burning Man, I’ve seen what that level of dust can do to electronics. So far, I haven’t exposed my Rebel T2i to any extreme environments, and I’m curious how far I can push it.

  28. DP friend of mine sent me this link. Images are very pretty. Amazing technology at ridiculous price point. But is this a camera test or something? Random shots with amazing Ry Cooder music but no story. If it’s just to show the camera capabilities that’s cool but even then, maybe the smallest attempt to give it a narrative would be nice. Felt like a slideshow. I’ll check out the other videos Philip has and maybe get a different take…otherwise beautiful imagery.

  29. Phillip, what are you using in addition with the 70-200 2.8 Lens? What extender is it mounted to? This vid looks superb too. Think I am gonna buy a 7D as a second unit to my 5D though, but the 550 is looking money.

  30. I’m really desperate, how do you export, compress and upload your videos man? I mean, what do you use to get the full HD and have a good size file? What format or what? I have a 7D and I shot all my 24fps footage on 1080 but what do I do when I want to use also some slomo footage originally shot at 60 and then transformed to 24 if that’s shot on 720?????? I saw the 2.35 tutorial but that was for something entirely 1080 right? what do you recomend man?? Please help cus im seriously desperate. BTW, loved this film, im following ur steps like crazy!

  31. Another truly beautiful film. The smooth dolly shots really help to add a sense of depth.

    Can you recommend an ebay intervalometer for the 550D? Some of them only seem to do 0-399 shots, and don’t have the ‘unlimited’ setting.

  32. Loved the new video! I just got my T2i and have been wanting to shoot some time lapse with it. What can you recommend is a good timer remote control for it? All I have found are ones for the 7D and 5DMKII.

    Thanks for your help!


  33. hi philip, great images! thank you for continuing to inspire a lot of people. your tutorials and films inspired me to push for a full hdslr music video for our broadcast network, please find the time to watch it as it is an unprecedented undertaking in our company, which is flooded with P2s and XDcams. here is the vimeo link:

    the uploaded file may look a bit lossy, i dont know why. this was encoded from an SD quicktime animation file to H264 mp4 of the same res.

    i hope you go see it, thank you again and more exciting times!

  34. Very nicely done, I love the dolly work, however just as Im really starting to enjoy the movement it stops, Im guessing you go across the full width but did you ever find it limiting ei wanting to dolly more?

    Also what aspect ratio is this playing at.. looks far wider than 16:9 did you reinterpet the footage to a more anamorphic size? 1.33? Ohh never mind I just read further along in your post. Very cool

    What did you post on, Premiere? and if so did you open up a 2.55 project to create your aspect ratio? I love the look of 2.55:1

  35. Hi Philip,
    Looks great! The music made me go looking for the DVD of Paris Texas again. Must be somewhere. Up till now, I shot almost everything except sith the Canon 7D etc.. Just bought one with some Leica R lenses.Will do some testing soon with these lenses. Focusing will be a lot easier than with the auto focus lenses. Just looking now for the best equipment to rig the 7D. Tested a few options on the field of viewfinder loupe and monitor.Neither option made me happy yet. Wish they would invent something like the Sony’s EX3 monitor viewfinder with a HDMI connection. Small, sharp and light, so perfect for a mount on the hotshoe. Shouldn’t be so difficult to make….
    Keep on the good work!
    Cheers, Arie.

  36. nice setting, beautiful color
    im inspired
    waiting for my d5 mark 2 to arrive, cant wait to get out there. making pictures for a living for a while now, but it seems its getting more and more fun these days with all the toys.

  37. I love this film. Every thing about it. I have been fascinated by the Salton Sea for years, ever since I saw “Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea”. Its strange history, the idea that people can so completely screw up an ecosystem and the fact that some people just won’t let go.

    Your short film has also cemented the fact that I am going to order a Canon T2i for my high school video production class. Thank You, Philip Bloom, for not hoarding your knowledge.

  38. Hy philip, im wondering if instead of cropping the image, is possible to get a anamorphic lens on a DSLR. What resolution do you get after the crop? Thaks and congratulations, the film is beautiful!

  39. What head/mount is used(and pictured) to secure the pocket dolly to the tripod? Also, any trouble with the pocket dolly when the camera is toward either end of the dolly? Is it stable enough across the whole track with the single tripod?


  40. Phillip,

    I’ve been leery of taking my 5D into the desert. I’ve been wondering whether or not sand would get in the gears of the lens or dials on the body.

    Did you have to protect your camera in the shot with the sand blowing past the lens?

    I enjoyed your shot compositions.


  41. I have watched “Salton Sea Beach” three or four times now and it just gets richer and deeper on each viewing.

    I like what I see from the T2i/550D. I put one on order today. Thanks.

  42. Hey Philip. What are the chances of doing a side-by-side with the 7D and 550D? I would love to see a comparison between the two.

    Great choice of music for the short. Paris/Texas is one of my all time favourites!

    Awesome short!

  43. This is such beautiful footage Philip. I first saw it on YouTube which in 1080p is just fantastic ! 3 feet away from my 25″ monitor and it looks absolutely gorgeous.., Gosh, burnt to blu-ray at high bit rates and it would be spot on perfect.. I still cannot believe these images coming from an $800 camera.. well done brother.

    Love and Aloha, Kalani-

  44. Great work again, the broken trailer look like the one in KillBill 2.
    I’ve made comparison picture between the 5Dmk2 and 550D and there is a visual difference, the 550D makes less sharpened picture than the 5Dmk2. I would like to know where the 7D stands between those two.
    The 550D is now my webreport DSLR, I keep the 5D2 for shortcuts or music vidéos.
    Now let’s hope for an audio firwmare like the 5d2…

  45. it’s great to know that this camera looks as good it seems as the 7d… but how does it compare in low light situations? would be interesting to compare the two…..
    thanks alot :))

  46. Phil, loved the video – I got a 500D and have been following your work for awhile. All you need is that depth of field, good cinematography, script, acting, editing and sound to make a great film. I record my audio all on a zoom H2 which comes in handy. Really great for recording ambient sounds or just plugging in a external mic. I’m going to shoot a “Phil Bloom Style” video here in Arizona with my 500D 🙂

  47. Once again, this beautiful video prooves a point: it’s not really a matter of equipment but how you use it.
    The 550 D delivers a nice picture, no doubts, but the result realy depends on what you’re shooting.
    Thanks again Philip.

  48. Great video and nice to see how much of force these cameras can be if used correctly, I haven’t seen anything shot half as good on the t2i as this.

    Could you please tell me what dimensions you use on aspect ratio 2:55:1 to export out of quicktime like you have in the video above.



  49. Beautiful shots 🙂
    what a vid, how did you make it with that size? is it out of the cam video? or video processed.

    Thanks. Hope you have some kit lens output to share.

  50. Hi teacher, you are a revolutionary filmaker!
    What about the H264 video format? You lost quality when you export to other format? I mean, maybe when you upload a video to a site, you don´t have too much problems, but, for color correction or export the format to other like mpeg-2 this beautifull shot could be a problem… any suggestions?

    Good shot!

  51. very nice..

    Has anybody seen dolly or a rail cam that uses flexible pipe (rubber or some sort of plastic) instead of rigid pipe?

    I’m playing with my 550D and realizing the light weight would make it possible to use some material that could easily be bent by hand to create a unique shape that would hold up to the weight of the camera–thinking of this as an alternative to glide cam.

    1. The rental houses out here in L.A. have flexible dolly track for rent.

      Wooden Nickel has “Flex Track 40ft” for $30 a day.
      “40ft lengths with leveling system. One 40ft length will give you an 18 ft length of track.”

      It does exist.

  52. Hey Philip,
    Great work, as usual. I’ve been following your work for a while and have really enjoyed it.

    I’m researching what it would take to properly kit up a T2i, and I was wondering what sorts of things I might have to be aware of if I was going to go the Nikon manual focus prime route with my lens choices? I’m thinking of issues like lens mount adapter, or if there are particular lenses that won’t work vs ones that work perfectly, etc. I figure I need at least 3 to have the basics covered; a wide angle, a 50mm equivalent, and something in the medium telephoto/portrait range (with my stills I tend to work at the wide end of things far more often). For the student budget I’m on right now, this seems like a great way to go, considering I can find these used at places like KEH for fairly cheap, but I wonder what your thoughts are on the subject.

    Thanks for your time, and I look forward to seeing more!
    Jason Reimer

    1. You can use almost all Nikkor lenses, the G series (which is what is current lens type from Nikon with no F-stop ring on the lens) requires a lens adapter that controls the aperture.

      The rest of Nikon Nikkor lenses should work. non-AI, AI’d, AIS, AF.
      I’m not sure about the UW Nikkor lenses, I don’t think these have the same mount.

  53. I really do like this film and have not only watched it quite a few times but have shared the link so others can enjoy it.

    Philip, Canon should be paying you for referrals. Our production company made the decision of picking up not just one but two of the T2i/550Ds. I am looking forward to getting great shallow depth of field HD video at an affordable price point. This is going to help our film making tremendously.

    My one dis-appointment though is that the camera de-activates the on board LCD screen once something is plugged into the AV out. I am assuming the same will hold for the HDMI out as well. This will force us to mount an external monitor onto the camera for me to shoot with and then split the signal for a director’s monitor I believe. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this otherwise please let me know.

  54. Hi philip,

    not quite sure if you already answered this question but what picture style did you used for this shot? default, flat/cine profile … ?

    really one of your best works so far together with the greenpeace short!

  55. Wow philip a beautifully shot short x new to this film making lark but your videos are truly inspiring – i bought one of these cameras on the back of your films and found myself immersing into it! there is something bubbling under the surface with your films -as great as they are , i sense something of a master work at some point coming out from your creativity that will set a president – please keep them coming!! i look forward to your nest jawdropper (dubai timelapse was in my mind simply beautiful x)

  56. Great stuff as always Philip! Started reading you blog a some months ago and just bought the 550D, lovin it! Shot som nature stuff today with different lenses and and a Fader ND, had some problems with flaring. I see you didn´t use any lens hood for this film either…? How come? Can you get away with using like a cheap rubber lens hood to control flaring? Also do you always turn sharpness all the way down to 0? when i do this the images get very soft and sharpening just makes them noisy… .:/ Thanks for the great blog, keep the tuts coming! 🙂 Cheers Daniel

  57. Great stuff, I still don’t regret my 7d though.

    I love where this technology is going. The need for deep pockets is fading away, this is a great time for the Independent filmmaker.

    Where can I buy the (Kessler Crane) you used on this? And around how much would it run me?

  58. I have seen all your HDSLR films, and i love this the most
    its perfect narrative story telling
    you must shoot a movie in this kind of location ,terrain..
    it would be a winner

    i love paris texas,awesome music choice

    very truly inspiring……

  59. Philip, this is truly breath taking, and all from a 550D. I have to ask, what do you use to compress this movie for Vimeo? Does all your hard work in post and color grading transfer over to the final compressed version when you publish it on the web? Truly remarkable.

  60. Philip, sorry the noob question, but what cable I use for connect the t2i to an audio device such as tascam dr07 to synchronize ? I’m kinda lost in this part.
    Thanks, great video.

  61. Hi…fantastic video!
    I’m new to DSLR video and just got the 550D (mainly because of you ^^)
    I have a question though. I have noticed that even at 100 ISO there is noise in the image. Your video (and many other pro’s/semi-pro’s) is however completely spotless! Not a grain of noise to be found. It’s done it post? You use a plugin or filter?
    Sorry for the beginner question.

    I am very exited about your work!

  62. Hi Philip! Say, is there a HQ version of this video (like with the Skywalker ranch one) somewhere by chance? Your videos are nice “loop demos” for big plasma screens… Keep up good work!

  63. Hi Philip,

    Exposure metering is the one thing that I have not read much about with DSLRs. Setting to all manual for video, do you use an external light meter or do you go by your eye? One doesn’t want ISO hunting with auto and I guess a fader ND also adds a level of complexity?

    With your excellent advice I have a Z-Finder 2.5x on order (optimal mag. I would agree) and just got a fader ND for the 50mm, which is why I ask.

    p.s. I haven’t had a reply from my email last week. You need more info or did it go into your junk folder?

  64. Just got the T2i and I’m desperately wishing there was a class, book, web tutorial on some tips and tricks like those used in this video.
    I just shot some video today of a recently completed project and, well,I need some teaching. Anyone know of a good resource. I’d travel for a 1-3 day class.

  65. Hey Phil what kind of screen protector do you have on the T2i? Does it cover the sensors? One of my sensors covers fell off and Im looking for a screen protector that will cover them up.

      1. Hey Phil I was looking at the pic again. Is that a the z-finder mounting frame? I noticed you have something on the screen that pops out farther on the last two pictures. Sorry Im still new to using a dslr for film.

  66. Hola Phil. This may be a silly question, but the 32gb Kingston you used was a class 6 right? A relative got me the kingston 32gb class 4 and I’m doubtful to even open it to try with my t2i.

  67. Great site Philip! I’m a kiwi journalism student looking to get into photo and video journalism.

    I’ve just purchased a Canon 550D and I wonder if you could recommend some essential lenses for mainly flexible HD video recording?

    I’m currently looking at the Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 with vibration control and the Tokina 11-16mm.

    Many thanks,


  68. Amazing, just found your site, what an inspiration, my 550d will arrive anytime soon, just got signh ray ND’fader to go with it. can’t wait to start shooting.
    boy these films are great.


  69. Dear Philip,
    It is more a question than a comment. Could you please tell me your opinion about which camera would be a better buy on a middle/long term. : Canon 550D (with stock lens) or Lumix GH1 (with stock lens) I am looking for full manual control. I like to take pictures, but I would be more interested on the videography capability of this cameras. I am interested making short movies of nature, landscape, birds, portraits of people. I am doing this mostly to my own, but I would like to do it well, with attention to small details so on. I know that the GH1 is more expensive. Do you see that it wort the difference. Or, is there any other camera in about the same range which could be a winner? Thanks for your reply in advance.

    Congratulation to your work! I really enjoy your films to watch and to learn from them! Thanks. Adrian (Hungary)

  70. Hi Philip,

    i wonder, in some shots the sky was really dark blue, but the object in front was still clearly visible. what kind of filter did you use for it ?

  71. Excellent work, your shots and color grading created a very emotional and dramatic feel. That’s no easy task without the luxury of narration! Hats off to you, sir.

    Is there anyway I could get this short film in a downloadable format? I’d love to have a copy saved to my hard drive.

  72. hi philip, wonderful pictures! thank you for the description of lenses, etc. what i am missing are the camera settings u used. would you tell me (us) what are your prefered settings like picture style, sharpness, contrast, saturation?


  73. what kind of setup are you using in the second picture on this page? Im new to film and i have a T2i, and i’m looking for some setup ideas. Im not sure what kind of lens/filter your using, and i am rather curious.

  74. Phillip:
    I am dying to know, what “Filter” or Software/Color correction, was used by “Sara collaton” for those BTS pics, that shows you with the camera. I love this “No country for Old Men” Look. Is there a tool/filter for video as well?
    I would really love your expert comment.
    Thanks in anticipation.


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