NOW CLOSED!! My Rode Reel film competition! AMAZING prizes…great competition!

Rode Microphones are great friends of mine since before we did our first workshop together about 4 years ago (or was it 5?)

We developed a relationship after I started using their Video Mic, and it’s just grown and grown. I am now one of their sponsored shooters, which would never have happened if I didn’t use their gear first and recommend it!

This is a really EPIC competition, something that should get you fired up to get out there, with the added bonus of all these crazy prizes to win!

Don’t wait too long to enter, certainly not until the deadline, as public voting which forms one of the categories is open NOW. Plus there is a bonus prize: if you enter before the 1st of April you get a copy of Pluraleyes free!

If you do wait until May 31st when entries close, you would have little chance in the public vote category due to being two months behind on some entries! It won’t affect the judges category though, which I am part of.

That being said, don’t cut corners and rush it, take your time and make it good!!!

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Win a share of more than $70,000 in the “My RØDE Reel” International Short Film Contest

RØDE is excited to announce the ‘My RØDE Reel’ international short film competition, conceived to nurture emerging, independent filmmakers and give them the opportunity to share in more than US$70,000 in prizes.

Running from March until June, the aim of the ‘My RØDE Reel’ contest is to encourage filmmakers from all walks of life to get out in the field, creating films and continually improve their craft.
Entrants to ‘My RØDE Reel’ are required to create a short film of five minutes or less, as well as a behind-the-scenes reel that features a RØDE microphone being used during the production of the film. RØDE has provided an entry pack that steps through the process, as well as templates for scripting, storyboarding and more, available now by registering at

There are three main prizes of filmmaking gear available to win — a judge’s prize for the short film, a judge’s prize for the behind-the-scenes reel, and a publicly voted prize for the short film. Additional category prizes are available for Best Sound Design, Best Soundtrack and more.
The total prize pool is valued at more than US$70,000 and includes BlackMagic and GoPro cameras, Carl Zeiss lenses, Miller tripods, RedRock Micro rigs, SmallHD and Teradek monitoring equipment, Kessler sliders and jibs, ThinkTank Photo bags, Event studio monitors, G-Technology storage, TetherTools accessories, software from Adobe and RedGiant, licensing credit from The Music Bed, and of course plenty of RØDE microphones. A full list of the prize packs is available at

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RØDE has brought together a respected judging panel for ‘My RØDE Reel’ that includes such inspirational filmmakers as Philip Bloom, FIlmRiot host Ryan Connolly and Devin Graham, best known from his high-adrenalin YouTube channel Devin SuperTramp.

“Film competitions are fantastic ways to encourage people to push their creativity in ways they don’t normally.” commented Philip Bloom. “The My RØDE Reel competition will not only do that with its high profile, but help the filmmakers with terrific exposure! I can’t wait to see what people come up with!”

“If getting your work seen by industry pros like Philip Bloom and having the chance to win some of these amazing prizes doesn’t get you off the couch, I don’t know what will!” added Ryan Connolly.

Devin Graham was equally excited to be involved: “This contest gives filmmakers an amazing opportunity to grow, learn from each other, and win some amazing prizes that will take them to the next level.”

To help aspiring filmmakers with their entries, RØDE has produced an educational series of tips & tricks videos. Hosted by Ryan Connolly and Olivia Speranza, the course guides viewers through the filmmaking process from pre-production through to shooting and on to post-production and distribution.


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