Re:Frame San Francisco ANNOUNCED. YOU HAVE TO GO!!

This is the place to be in October…


I went to this in Austin in April as a Speaker and and it was amazing. This one is going to be even better. If you are an event film maker and want to mix with the best and brightest, learn, have fun, sing karaoke and stay in an amazing hotel (one of the amazing hotels in the Morgan Group designed by my favourite designer Phillipe Starck) then book now! Hurry as space is limited to 150 places!

I will be there teaching practical filming skills, my business Partner Den Lennie of F-STOP ACADEMY will be speaking about tapeless workflow and how it can save you money and speed everything up. There are loads of other speakers there too…


Take a look at the official launch video and have look at my “official video below that” and the video I shot at the shoot out in Austin in April.


[vimeo 4405518 640 360]




Want to learn how to create the film look? Click below.




    1. This looks great! I used to live in SF before moving to Prague. Europe to SF is a pretty easy direct flight. And their right that October is the best month to be there. I’m gonna start saving.

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