Piccadilly Stone: New Short shot with EX3/ Relay/ Letus Ultimate

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I went out on Saturday to make a short film using the EX3/ letus ultimate and the prototype 1/2″ relay.  A joyous piece of equipment that I mentioned on my blog a couple of times. It gives you almost 2 extra stops of sensitivity over the stock lens! Fantastic for indoors especially!

It seemed appropriate to re-visit my first big Letus Extreme film “Piccadilly Furs” that I shot in November 2007. So I was going to make a sequel…! 

Lighting up a big fat Cohiba as I wait for a long time lapse to finish!
Lighting up a big fat Cohiba as I wait for a long time lapse to finish!
New hair!! Self inflicted!
New hair!! Self inflicted!
Mark Dawson who took the photos of me
Mark Dawson who took the photos of me


Mark Dawson of www.LondonMarkFilms.com and veteran assistant of The Trench and The Echo came along with his F350 to see what he could get.

I have put a heavy grade on it, the light was very low and bright and I wanted to emphasize it and exaggerate the magic hour feeling. Grade using Magic Bullet Looks of course. Lenses were my usual Nikon 17-35mm f2.8, 80-200 f2.8, Zeiss 50mm f1.4, Zeiss 100mm F2 Macro, Nikon 35mm f1.4.

I didn’t have a huge amount of time to film, probably about 2 and half hours of actual filming. Had nightmare journey into London which resulted in me having a nice Mini size dent in the side of my Honda!

The relay gives you pin sharp edge to edge sharpness, zero vignetting and complete ease of use. It will be pricey, but I think the light sensitivity alone makes it worthwhile…it’s an f1.5 relay!

You can see the short here


  1. Wow 2 stops of light over the stock lens. So you mean that it’s two stops more light than if you used the Letus Ulimatte on top of the stock lens or is it two stops more sensative in comparision to using just the ex3 with the stock lens? Either way, this alone makes it a very exciting purchase.

  2. Great work as always mate.

    Don’t know if you’re still replying to this post, but there’s some awkward artifacting happening in a couple of the facial close-ups with fast-moving objects in the background. Is that happening in the original footage or was it created during compression for the web?

    Just curious. Thanks!

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