Philip Bloom’s USA Video Blog: Chicago

Yes…am back…again. Here to shoot a new web series which I will be co-presenting with Steve Weiss from Zacuto. It’s a review show. Reviewing videos, films etc…should be fun.

Anyway here is my masterpiece of blogness (not really) and of course it wouldn’t be a video blog if there wasn’t some mention of my friend Tom Guilmette in it somewhere! Tom, wish you were here mate. Chicago not the same without you!!

Thanks to Thomas Roberts for the lift and the amazing gift! Check out his site here.

[vimeo 5145866 640 360]

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Want to learn how to create the film look? Click below.


Hear me talk about Canon 5dmkII workflow and meet me at the first London FCPUG Supermeet, with special guest the legendary Walter Murch!!


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